WEN 6550 FAQ

WEN 6550 12.5-Inch 15A Benchtop Thickness Planer with Granite Table Price: $250.32


What are the differences that really count between the two Wen planets – 12-1/2″ & 13″?

The 13″ has a higher rpm. Meaning there are more cuts per inch. That leads to a cleaner cut. It also has three blades whereas the 12.5″ only had two blades.  More blades=more cuts per rotation = cleaner/finer surface.  Also about a half inch of width


Where can I buy replacement blades for wen 6552 planer

I was planning on buying the 13 inch planer but see that the replacement blades are out of stock from WEN.  Probably not a good idea to buy a planer that replacement blades are not available.


New blade obtainability?

You can order it from wen and amazon


what voltage is this machine please

115 volts


Is this machine the same as the triton tpt125? they look suspiciously similar. also check out POWERTEC PL1251 and the (newer?) tpt125. same company?

Pretty close yes. However I will say with the win. It has such a better surface to run boards through. Great machine. I have ran almost 800 pallet boards through it.