WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press FAQ

WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press Price: $220.86

Has anyone measured the runout on the spindle/chuck? What do you think of this compared to the skil 3320?

Got mine last week.  Looks to be a very nice quality product.  Run out on the spindle (measured on bottom of chuck below the chuck key hole) is 0.001″.


does the adjustable table have a hand crank for height adjustment

yes there’s a hand crank to adjust height of table.


What’s the t-slot size on the table?

Tech support got back this morning. The t-slot size on the #4214 12″ drill press table is 5/8″.


What is the height from the top of the base to the bottom of the chuck? Not the table to chuck, base to chuck. Thanks

With the table swung out of the way, the bottom of the fully closed (retracted) chuck jaws are 19 3/4″ from the table.


Are the pulleys plastic or metal?



Does this come with a guard or any other safety feature?

No guard.  The best safety feature would be to read up on Drill Press Safety Practices. https://bestdrillpressguide.com/top-14-safety-precautions-to-take-with-your-new-drill-press/


I need a drill press that I can use to drill holes in the bottoms of wine bottles.  What size will handle the ht. of such bottle?

A standard wine bottle is about 12 1/2 inches tall.  I chucked a 3/8 drill in my bench top model and measured 16 1/4 inches between the drill tip and the base.  There would be less clearance with a larger drill.  So the clearance seems fine for a standard liter size bottle, whether standard or the slightly slimmer and taller bottles used for Riessling wines.

WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press Price: $220.86

Will this drill through a gas block for gun smithing?

Of course.  This would be more of an issue re: drill bit selection.  Research what material the gas block is made from, then buy a drill bit capable of handling that type of steel.  Save multiple trips to the store.  Buy more than one bit incase you should break one in the process.  For safety, highly suggest you purchase a drill vice cradle (try Harbor Freight).  Also, be sure to safety goggles for eye protection.


Can you adjust the height of the whole unit. It is advertised at approx 37″, but is there a way to shorten the stand so that it is around 33″ tall?

That would require cutting the tube that the head mounts too.  I suppose that could be done being very careful to make a square cut.


does it have a fence

The description for the 12″ model says it has a fence, but the pictures don’t show one.  This is why I asked the question, but the answers so far aren’t in agreement.  Does anyone have the 12″ model and did it come with a fence?


Distance between chuck and table

13.5″ inches max. distance from chuck to table , 20.25″ inches distance from chuck to base


Hi. what the quill diameter of the this drill press ?

I am not sure I understand your question….the unit takes a #2 morse taper fitting for the chuck……replacement chucks are readily available which will upgrade the accuracy of this tool……I found a Jacobs one with the adapter for $40.00….hope this helps


does this drill press set on the floor or does it set on a bench ?

a bench


Can the chuck be fixed at a given height?



For even slower speeds than standard, why couldn’t you replace the 4 inch motor pulley with a 2 inch pulley?  It is belt drive.

Because the motor pulley is of the variable diameter type that already has an inner diameter of less than two inches. The only practical way to get to slower spindle speeds would be to change to a lower RPM motor. That’s providing you can find one that will fit and isn’t exorbitantly priced. If you do find one, post and let us know the make and model.


can someone give me an honest opinion if this machine is too fast for cutting 1/4 inch steel and just metal fabrication?

Lowest speed is about 560 RPM, I would not use bigger than a 3/4 inch bit for steel.

WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press Price: $220.86

what is the maximum height between bottom of chuck and lowest table position? NOT the overall height of the tool

Between the chuck and the lowest table position is 13 inches.


Help!  trying to buy for husband for christmas…can someone tell me how many speeds this is?  thank you

To add to my response: speed can be continuously adjusted from 580 rpm to 3200 rpm


Is it possible to remove the chuck and insert MT2 tapered tooling directly in the spindle? Has anyone done this?

Yes.  The press comes with a tapered drift key to remove the chuck, so insert any MT2 tool.  I looked for some type of collet chuck, hoping to use a straight shank quick change chuck that I have.  No luck, but any tool with MT2 taper is good to go.  You will still be limited to the accuracy of the spindle though.  The further to the work part, the more your tools will walk.  It is, after all, just a drill.


What size belt does it use and where can I buy them.  I have tried to search for the part number listed in the manual, 4214-111, without success.

Take the belt off the machine  and bring it to any NAPA or other auto parts store and ask them for a replacement.


Is this 4214 12-Inch belt or gear driven?  How does the speed variation lever work (does it change the gear ratio or motor voltage control?

Not sure but speed control works great, great product.


Is it yellow or orange? Customer reviews show both, and the videos has a yellow version but the pictures are orange. Is it customer choice?

Mine came in orange, no choice offered


Wen 4214 12-inch variable speed drill press – what is the chuck arbor sizes?

The chuck is Metric at about 13mm, so is just slightly over 1/2″.  1/2″ is pretty much the limit for this press, so a turned-down shank 3/4 would bog it down.  In 1/4″ aluminum, it labors with a sharp TiN coated drill.


Where is the 4225 model, I cant find it on Amazon?

It is currently out of stock.


Between this and the 10 inch model, which will have a more true, flat surface? I have the 8 inch and it does not drill perfectly 90 degrees

My 12″ drill press is great! Could not be happier. I am actually going to purchase another one in the next few weeks. My press is TRUE and drills straight. You should be able to at least adjust the left and right angle by loosening the bolt under the fixture table which allow you to tilt/adjust? Please note: I accidently put 10″ in my initial reply rather than 12″ so I deleted it and started over.  The 4214 12 inch is an awesome drill press.  I think manufactures cut corners on the smaller drill presses. I purchased an 8″ Harbor Freight press a few years back for about $50 and while it can be handy it is really a hunk of junk , not capable of doing much of anything. Do your self a favor and step up to the 12″ model.


will the jacobs j33 chuck fit?

Seems it won’t.    I think it’s a No.2 Taper.  Call Wen and they’ll tell you.   It is a Jacobs taper, for sure, I just can’t say for certain.  

<br>I have a j33 from my old Dewalt variable speed press and a superb keyless chuck but it did not work with the Wen.  In fairness I’d have to say that the Stock Chuck is excellent.   




Do the knurled knobs for the depth control have a quick adjust feature? Some drill presses are equipped with knobs that can disengage from threads.



Can this drill into a 4×4 with its depth? It says 3 1/8″ depth. Do I go as far as that, and then raise the table upward to finish the 4×4 hole?

The depth is a measure of vertical travel using the feed lever.  Ypu can raise ( or lower) the table to meet the work piece for more or less depth.

WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press Price: $220.86

Other than the price and the mounting system, what is the difference between this model and the floor model?

It doesn’t matter.  You do not want this company’s product.  It is so underpowered I can’t drill a 2″ forstner bit in Maple, and when I use a 7mm drill bit, it has a wobble, so drilling pen blanks are not tight.  Then when I go to clean the pen blank out, the wobble will break the wood.  Sorry product.


I’ve discovered the chuck is unsound.  I like to just have it replaced rather than ship the whole unit, especially after the effort I’ve put into it

just get a universal chuck it should work just fine.


Where is the serial number located on wen 4214 drillpress

Serial number can be found on a sticker on the right side of the drill press housing.


Two days ago this was under $200, but today it’s $241. Why is that?

Dunno, but I bought when it was under.  🙂


How is the 12″ model shipped Just wondering if it comes UPS or carrier.

Mine came UPS.


How acccurate is the digital speed readout?

This is the best drill press for the money and it’s actually better than some expensive drill press. The speed is real accurate.


can i turn off displsy without unpluging drill?

The drill was wired incorrectly and does not turn off the speed display. I was able to rewire. remove three screws from switch plate, cut thin black wire that goes to display board and connect to wire that comes off of switch to motor so that the display will go on and off with the motor.


what mortising accessories work?

I don’t use mine for that, but all.


What is the depth of this press from the front of the base to the back of the motor?

21 inches


can you turn off display without unpluging drill

Both the laser marker & built-in light are on switches that can be turned off, if that is what you mean.


Just received mine.  Very quiet and relatively vibration free at high rpm however gets louder and more vibrations at low speeds.  normal?

It may have a cold formed spot in the belt.  Has it been in the cold?  If so the belt may soften in a day or two of warmth.  Mine does that sometimes when I dial it down from high speed to slow and it is cold in the shop (20° F).  Once the belt warms up the vibration seems to go away.  Hope this helps.


When you push sideways on the chuck, how much play is there?

Are you describing the free play on the chuck key itself there is about maybe 5/16th spring load in the key itself.  If you are describing the chuck it self there should be none.  If you have any play then you should remove the chuck and reinsert it with a wood block of wood and tap it up with a hammer.  If it still has any play in the chuck it may be a defective unit in my opinion.  I have no problem with my drill chuck.  This machine is incredible with its adjustable speed system.  If this play persists I would contact Amazon.  They are great at making good with the products they sell.  Good Luck.


could i drill through 1/4 inch thick alumium with a 7/8 hole saw with this?

if the hole saw is metal cutting then no problem. ive milled a large block of aluminum with an end mill with mine.

WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press Price: $220.86

Can this run a mill bit



What size is the base?

They don’t even make replacement parts to help fix this piece of crap!! STAY AWAY!! Buy craftsman from sears for about the same better product or buy a porter cable from Lowe’s waay better quality!!


Has anyone installed a replacement chuck with good results?  If so, would you mind sharing which one?  Thanks.

I was about to replace with a German Keyless Chuck but discovered the issued Chuck to be superb.  I’m a Tool Maker.


what adapter do i need to fit a small 1/8 bit ?

Doubt u need any? Just put it in & tight n with chuck.


judging from the handle on the left-side of this thing, the speed-change is mechanical thru clutch-pulleys?



When I raise or lower the table with the crank, the rack wanders back and forth. Is this supposed to be secured with the set screw in the rack collar?

Mine only held by collar. Not highly precision, but works well for me. Once you lock it in place, it works fine.


what is the base size?

16″ X 9 3/4″


How many amps is WEN 4214 12-Inch?

I have measured the running current. It is 5 amps.