Shure SRH1840 FAQ

Shure SRH1840 Professional Open Back Headphones (Black) Price: $399.00


Where are these made?  How comfortable are they?

Made In China, Really comfortable, better than AKG K701 or SRH 1440.


at the same price how do these differ from Shure’s 1540 model???

They are much better sounding then the 1540 because they are easier to run with an amp, and are more balanced and neutral all around.


Do these headphones need an amp? If so what is a good amp to use

These are not easy headphones to drive . Get the best headphone amplifiers you can afford to get the best out of this.


Good for gaming?

my speakers in the headphones broke rather quick. I wouldn’t recommend for anything


Would i get the best out of srh1840 with fiio e12 amp or portable amps are just not enough? thanks

I have both the E12 and the newer A5.  They both work well with the SRH1840.  These headphones do need an amp to work well.  My FiiO players can’t do the job without help.


Would a presonus audiobox supply enough amp to power these headphones properly?

It should