Shure SRH1540 FAQ

Shure SRH1540 Premium Closed-Back Headphones Price: $399.00

i want to know where the headphone made !tx

China, according to the box.  The instruction manual is also printed in China.  It is still a great headphone for the price.


If I’m using my phone as the music player, do I need an amplifier or DAC or both?

you’ll want an amplifier. A DAC is nice, but not strictly speaking necessarily


How does the 1540 and 1840 compare to each other?

SRH1840 – open back / wider stage(slightly) / deficient deep & mid bass // SRH1540 – closed back / slightly narrow stage with regard to open back headphones(but good among closed back) / full & not exaggerated deep & mid bass(wonderful timbre reproduction for various instruments) / wonderful definition and separation / personally felt superior to SRH1840 in terms of timbre production + definition + separation + fullness + liveliness + spacial presentation …. (personally I prefer those with most flat frequency-response curve, while only then all of above will come real)


How large is the carrying case? Is it too bulky to travel easily?

The case is pretty bulky. Doesn’t travel easily


When did the price go up from 499 to 624?

It’s Amazon’s best marketing tool. They set the price a crap ton higher then what it actually is, then they  put it on “sale” by changing it back to the normal price a few days later and then they say you’re saving the difference in money.


Would the new shure mmcx bluetooth cable work with these?

Work with whay?


Do these produce a more detailed sound than the HD650 / 700 headphones?

I had the same dilemma… with these headphone you do get an emesly detailed sound, but the sound stage is not as broad as open backed headphones. I love these and if you ever want to use them with someone else in the room, go for these. I also assume that you have an amp/dac.