Shure SRH1440 Professional Open Back Headphones FAQ

Shure SRH1440 Professional Open Back Headphones (Black) Price: $249.00

Do I need a headphone amplifier for the Shure SRH1440?

The answer is “no”, provided of course that your receiver or amplifier has a headphone jack.  This being said, headphones of the quality of the SRH1440s probably could benefit from the higher quality of amplification provided by a headphone amplifier, since the headphone amp built into most receivers or integrated amplifiers tend not to be of the highest quality.  Personally, I do use an external headphone amplifier for use with my headphones.<br>Hope this helps.


How is this compared to the SRH940?

I’ll be honest, I  like my old ones better. These are nice, but not what I expected.


SRH1440 – Clamping force and comfort. How’s the clamping force and overall comfort of the 1440s? My ‘helmet size’ is bigger than average.

It is super comfortable for me.  My son is using it and his helmet size is pretty good size too and it fits well and it is comfortable for him too. The sound is just unbelievably great. The open back allows you to hear the ambiant sound which is an advantage for many situations.


Can it be wireless and Bluetooth enabled?



Please let me know if it is compatible with the Apple devices? I can use it on any device without even a problem? will work perfectly? Thanks

Yes it comes with two types of headphone jack plugs. So it is compatible with Apple devices and laptops.


How long are the 2 cords?

About 2m, both of them


Can I eq the bass or does it make bass bloated ? Is treble harsh

In my opinion there is no need to eq the bass. Both the bass and treble sound pure and un-enhanced with the SRH 1440 headphones.<br>Of course it all depends upon a person’s individual listening preferences, but I see no need to make any adjustments.


I need large/deep cups. How are these?

Glen,  I will get a ruler.     The ear cup area is about 3/4 of an inch deep, maybe a little more.   Of course the pressure of putting on the headphones might compress that down a little bit, hard to estimate in that regard.    1  3/4ths wide, and 2  1/2 inches tall, vertical eliptical shaped opening for the cup.     I hope this helps.


is this portable and does this need amp with ipod???

First of all, these are great sounding headphones, great clarity and tone. The cables are detachable, but I would not describe them as portable although they have a great carrying case. As far as the ipod I can not answer that question, but they work fine with my Kindle and Android phone without any amp.


Where is the SRH1440 made?

Made in China