Shure SE846-CL Sound Isolating Earphones FAQ

Shure SE846-CL Sound Isolating Earphones with Quad High Definition MicroDrivers and True Subwoofer Price: $999.00

are these your best in ear headphones you can buy?

I can only say that -according to my personal taste- these are the best I ever owned. I love the subtle but not booming punch the subwoofer adds, as well as the overall sound and build quality. Keep in mind that I am not a ‘technical specs’ only person; it is all about how I personally experience the sound it produces. It’s just like wine: it may be the most expensive bottle, coming from the best region and vineyard in the world, have the best  color and vintage, but if I don’t like how it tastes, I will not drink it. Regardless what the critics have to say about it.<br>In my opinion, Shure has outdone itself with these earphones. Don’t buy these, just based on other people’s opinions; check it out our yourself and you will understand what I mean. Despite the high price, I did not regret spending the money for a second. I would absolutely buy them again.


does it sound better than Shure SE535, how much better.

I totally love love love my SE535s. I bought a much more expensive custom fit IEM from another manufacturer and still prefer the SE535s. Recently I bought the SE846. (I am listening to them right now) I cannot believe how much more I like these. I did not think anything would ever top my SE535s. These do and there is no question in my mind about it. When I switch back to SE535s I still like them, but they are not nearly as fun to listen to as they used to be. I am happily surprised. (I was nervous as the SE846 costs so much, but they are so worth it, to me) Right out of the box I thought I had made a huge mistake, but with each song they SE846 warmed up. The bass was absent on the first song but by the 5th song I was wondering if I had ever heard bass before. (I have) After half a dozen songs I was forced to sit down and just listen, I was very impressed. I mostly listen with a Fiio  X5 with or without a Fiio E12DIY amp. I also listen to my computer using a Geekout 450 DAC. Always 16/44 or better FLAC files. These are really fun to listen to, yes indeed.


Are these earphones made of 21k gold? Also, does it carry lifetime warranty?

No, they are not solid gold. Certain parts may be, and others seem gold plated. While Shure is very good on warranty work, I believe it’s two years on these.


where are the black version of these models?

I contacted Shure about this and they told me the black color is not available to the US. It is exclusive to Europe and Asia only (SE846-K-EFS for Europe, SE846-K-A for Asia).

Shure SE846-CL Sound Isolating Earphones with Quad High Definition MicroDrivers and True Subwoofer Price: $999.00

What are differences between se846, se846-cl, anh se846-cl-a?

cl stands for “clear” design. se846 is the name of the earphones, so se846-cl is the detailed article name for the se846 with a clear design. So there should be no difference.


What music player (quality & compatibility) would you recommend with this that’ll annihilate playing music from a phone ever again?

I have onkyo dpx-1a.. with se846… Onkyo dpx-1a is good music player.. and good price. And you want used phone for music only. Razer phone is good sounds..


Is there a difference in sound quality between the clear versus the black colored earphones?

No they both sound the same….fantastic!


I found my SE535’s to be uncomfortable during very long flights.  How do these compare?

I have SE535’s too.   Once I got the correct sleeve on them they are totally comfortable wearing for hours.  I feel the same for the SE846’s …and they are worth the price!


How many of you bought these and still only listen to compressed or streamed music?

I do. I still listen to streamed music because you still wont find anything better than these for the music that i like.  90 hip pop to rap has the distinctive base that I’ve been looking for. i put the medium filters in and its like magic. i get the low and the super low base. it sounds like im sitting in my suped up ride way back in the days. put it this way even if you like to listen to music on low volume like i do these days you still want the base response that these earbuds give you. i would recommend these to anyone that can afford it.  i use Apple Airpods in the day and SE846-CL in the night sometimes with the Westone Bluetooth adapter.  (side note When used with the Westone Bluetooth adapter you can hear the loss in volume but it makes it up with the different type of sound process that makes it sound like a Bose but on Steroids.  Overall its a great buy. (don’t buy the inline mic cable you will get a substandard sound out of the earbuds that makes you wonder. stick to the original cables it sounds the best. by the way the phone will still work with the phones mic wile you use the earbuds)

Shure SE846-CL Sound Isolating Earphones with Quad High Definition MicroDrivers and True Subwoofer Price: $999.00

Are these ABSOLUTELY worth the money? I want to upgrade from SE315 to this model.

I had the SE535s which were pretty good (well … excellent … or so I thought).  The 846s are a quantum leap in their bass response (to be honest, mid/top-end probably about the same or at least not as noticeably different).  Mostly, I listen to them with the Samsung Bluetooth HS3000 Bluetooth headset (paired with Sony Xperia Z1 Compact).  The bass/treble response is decent even with that very basic set-up.  The difference between the 846s and 535s is even greater when I use a proper headphone amp (I have a Fiio E12 Mont Blanc and a Fat Man valve amp).  I reckon the bass response from the 846s are even better than from my Sennheiser HD25s (and they’re good full-size headphones – read the reviews)!  The 846s sound good with all my music – electronic/dance, to classical, vocal, hard rock – everything.  I also hesitated/balked at the price, but I’ve never regretted buying them.


Is there any warranty to cover lost or stolen pair of these? Im hesitant to pay $1000 for something so easily lost or stolen.

No, as with any lost/stolen items, this is the home owners responsibility to have valuable items insured against theft or loss. These are shipped via UPS “Signature Required” and fully insured to your address.