Sennheiser IE 800 Audiophile Ear Canal Headphones FAQ

Sennheiser IE 800 Audiophile Ear Canal Headphones Price: $529.99

Are there any bluetooth conversions available for this like the ones for SE 846 and Westone series ?

Anyone willing to pay 7-bills for audiophile earbuds, is NOT going to accept the drop in resolution caused by Bluetooth.  Don’t expect any high-end Bluetooth earphones any time soon.  Apple says their new proprietary cordless system (with iPhone7) won’t have the same drop in resolution that Bluetooth has.  Maybe there will be some high-end Apple compatible earphones in the near future?


What is the point of having 46khz? Isn’t the human ear only supposed to be able to hear up to around 20khz?

And indeed a lot of headphones roll off sharply at around 20khz for this reason – why bother to reproduce sound at this range accurately or at all? Some will argue that the sounds at >20khz have subharmonics that do reach below 20khz, and so you need the higher frequencies. Others claim to be able to hear beyond 20khz or to be very sensitive to the higher frequencies. You can also argue that it surely doesn’t hurt to reproduce beyond the normal human hearing range, and that it might be a sign of the engineering excellence of the system as a whole. Me, I don’t take sides, but tend towards the latter point of view: Probably not needed, but won’t hurt.


how can you tell fake from genuine?  I see one on ebay for $299

In most instances you can’t.  The knock-offs are surprisingly well made and don’t sound bad either.  Also, the boxes and authentication codes can be faked so it’s very difficult to tell.  My first purchase of a new IE800 was on eBay and confirmed to be fake by Sennheiser Tech Support.  Fortunately it was from a reputable seller who promptly refunded my money.  The only way to be sure you’ll get an authentic Sennheiser product is to purchase from an authorized Sennheiser reseller (like Amazon).


classmate has a pair of ie800 bought in 2015 with sn 35xxx on the leather case, is it authentic? i have never seen one with such huge serial number.

Give me some pictures for detail. Or I can not tell you.


Would these work for exercising or get damaged? how long is the cable? currently using monster turbine pro copper with ipod nano. would you recommend?

I don’t exercise with them. It is 42″ long and does not tangle. Sound is great, natural tonally and very dynamic. I haven’t tried other comparably priced buds; but it easily beats sennheiser HD650’s, which sound dark to me.


Are these low profile enough for comfortable wearing while resting the side of your head on a pillow?

They do not extend actually are inside my outer ear.

Sennheiser IE 800 Audiophile Ear Canal Headphones Price: $529.99

will these require a signature upon

Yes, <br>we will ship with signature confirmation upon delivery. <br>Thanks.


For paticolare back design (2 holes), people close hear sound from earphones?



Are these good to wear to the gym?

These are absolutely terrible for wearing to the gym, and even for walking around. They don’t hold in place and you need to constantly push them back into your ear. I upgraded to Shure SE846 and couldn’t be happier with them.


what dap has best synergy with ie 800?

I use the  Sony NW-ZX2 and IPhone 6s Plus.  The 6s Plus has more power but the ZX2 sounds better.  Try turning off the DHEE and Clear audio EQ’s of the ZX2 to see what you like.  There is plenty of power to drive these speakers from both of these DAP’s.  No amp needed.


I would like to purchase the IE800, but was told that I would be wasting money by using it with a iphone or ipad. Is this true?

Definitely agree with the others here. Will it scale up with a dedicated amp? Sure! But it’s still the best thing I’ve heard straight out of my iPhone. Don’t really like to carry more and more extra stuff with me, so for my commute… it’s these plugged straight into the iPhone, every time.


Does anyone use this for live performance as in-ear monitors? Wonder how this perform compares to Shure 845 series…

I don’t use these headphones for live performance monitoring  : however I do listen to already recorded playbacks . These audiophile headphones are phenomenal . I do not know how they compare to the Sshure 6;5 headphones . You could possibly Google the answer.


Should i go ahead and spend the 800 dollars on these, or should i just have my brother in law shove a couple of greasy screwdrivers into my ears. Hmmm

I know they are very pricy, but for me it is well worth the cost. I dearly love them. They are extremely comfortable and the sound is outstanding. There is a disconnect feature that has come in very handy, so I can leave the ear buds in when I am away from my sound source.  I was recently in the hospital and they plugged into the tv control and I found I could enjoy the sound without disturbing my room mate, yet I could hear what was going on in the room. If I hadn’t tried it I wouldn’t have believed it. Hope this helps you.


How is cable quality and its life as cable is not a detachable ?. Does it has good durability and strong

Superbly constructed.<br>Among the best I’ve seen.


Would a iphone 5s be powerful enough to drive these IEM?

Yes they sound really good using an iPhone- and there is no issue with having to crank the volume up-


Do these headphones have a microphone?

It doesn’t, as many hifi earphone/headphones. You can check K3003i if you really need a mic.


Is the cord removable?

Not at the buds. It uses a 2.5 mm connector at the Y so the bottom half is replaceable.

Sennheiser IE 800 Audiophile Ear Canal Headphones Price: $529.99

I have one k3003 and mostly play hiphop and pop music, should i ‘try’ this one… but i’m satisfied with my 3003… i’m confused

this is a very nice earphones. it doesn’t have an integrated mic but you can still have a conversion and speak through the phone. It’s weakest point is that you hear the cables when they rub against your shirts/jacket.

<br>importantly if you have a perfectly fucntioning earphones and happy with it, consider saving the money until the one you have break and/or contribute to a charity!


Where can I find a mic and remote cable for this? I have the RCS 800 but the volume buttons do not work .

The amperior headphones have a mic that will work on the IE 800, but you have to use a 3.5 to 2.5 adaptor you can find cheaply on eBay. I’ve done this and it works.


are these compatible with headphone amp?

I have never used them that way. But just plugging them into my Macbook and using the equalizer that comes with that creates wonderful sound. I’m extremely happy with mine and very glad I got them.


Is it OK to use them with a smartphone?

Obviously it is. I heared many people says that you can’t just use it just with a phone, you have to spend much money to buy a player. I don’t think that is nessecery. Don’t worry about that, it can work very well on your phone.


I’m looking for something with a lot of bass. consider something around $300 but are these really that much better for the price?

These headphones are considered the finest in the world . You can get high quality Sennheiser headphones with a lot of bass for under $ 300 .


anyway to repair in-ear cables?

I know that ALO Audio does custom cabling specifically on the IE 800, That might mean they would also repair them.  Worth a try.


Can I use this model with Apple devices/

You can with the headphone jack attached to the Idevice headphone jack.  However, the IE 800 has no mic/volume control for I devices.


How do these iems compare to akg k3003i?

First mentioned, I am from China and my English is just so so. I bought IE800 because of the shape and tone quality. When I was in China, I practice IE800 in sennheiser store. Before IE800, my goal is IE80. However, I listened music with IE800 and I knew this is the best one for me. Official statement indicating this earphone is good to listening classic music. But for me, pop music and Jazz are also good. What needs remind is, IE800 needs a long time (longer than 100h) adaptation period to make it play it best. Hope you can understand I say.


Does it has noise isolating?

It isolates a little but it’s not a feature. Basicallly you can get by on 50% volume on a smartphone on a plane, train or busy street but it doesn’t isolate much- there are 3 sized tips, depending how well it fits your ear you can get a better deal and isolate more


Interested in these, but to give me an idea, how do they compare to my Solo 2? Can these be for mixing? Should I skip HD 700? Where to test?

Hi Ben. Sorry, can’t give you a compare of IE800’s to Solo2 or HD700. I haven’t owned them or listened to compare. I read in some reviews where people compared IE800 as little brothers of HD800, which are a higher model compared to HD700. What I can tell you about IE800 is following. These are very tiny year buds and the way how they are constructed they are suited more for listening while seating still. They only come with rubber tips that don’t hold firmly in your year canal and you don’t have the option of wrapping the cable around the year like you’ll find in Sure models. I personally find myself having to push them back in place while walking. They also come with a very short cable which you may find a problem as well. You may want to check if Sennheiser offers an additional longer cable sold separately. If you intend using year buds while in active motion, I think Sure SE846 or SE535 models will be more suitable. SE535 have very weak base, in my opinion. SE846 are comparable to IE800. Sure’s also come with polyfoam tips that expand in your year canal and hold in place more firmly and also provide better sound isolation. Hope this helps.


I have lost some of my original eartips, where can I find original ear-tips on the market?

from sennheiser call them. I’ve already bought sevral pairs.


Do i need an amp to use ie 800 on my phone?

Not really, unless you like to have a very strong Bass, at which point you may be better off with a full headphone.


Still made in Germany or changed to China?

Made in Germany<br>Thank you


given that ie800 have a sort of open back design, how well do they block external noise compared to other iem?  e.g., blocking noise on a airplane. thanks.

The material used to make these eartips are surprisingly noise isolating. On the plane, I find these to be far more comfortable than noise-cancelling headphones as it doesn’t require white noise to block the sound. The intrinsic design and materials of these headphones do a great job isolating sound. I could not hear any of the PA announcements or the engine with these on (maybe a bit, but much more comfortable than the white noise created by noise-cancelling headphones).

Sennheiser IE 800 Audiophile Ear Canal Headphones Price: $529.99

How are these for working out?

I heard you’re not supposed to work out with really expensive equipment.  However, I only listen when working out.

Excellent. I own 5 different pairs of headphones, these being the least expensive of the bunch, and I’ve never had any issues due to use with high output activites, beyond cleaning the contacts (in the case of ciems that feature detachable cables at the iem body, after years of use). I think these are particularly well suited for this, due to the light weight, minimal form factor, driver type, etc. The cables on these have proven to be very durable. Personally, I’ve had issues with the tips coming off (remaining in my ear canal!), so that could be an issue in regards to more active pursuits. I’ve addressed this by using super glue to ‘affix’ the tips to the iem body. This is rather extreme, and will kill any resale value, but worth it for me. I’m actually in the process now of ordering ‘custom tips’ fabricated. A company by the name of ‘Snugs’, provides this service, and it involves having ‘ear mold impressions’ made. I’m pretty excited to obtain these, as they will fit my ear perfectly, and will perform much better when ‘working out’, etc. These are incredible headphones, very transparent, fast, and they have great bass as well. The fit, and the tips popping off, are my primary criticisms. Take good care in obtaining genuine articles, as I, having already one set in my possession, purchased an additional pair from a third party seller on Amazon, as a gift for my wife, that was a FAKE pair. Fortunately, Amazon has a peerless return policy, and I was covered. One troubling component of this experience, was how close a fake pair resembles an authentic set. Sennheiser has a ‘verification process’, but this is not quite as straightforward as I would have preferred, and I was additionally fortunate to have an authentic pair for comparative purposes. That and the fact that any customer support regarding this process was not very forthcoming. Not saying it wouldn’t be there if more of an effort was made on my part, but I made an attempt and gave up. Word of caution, especially when purchasing used (which I was). People like to say that the fake ones sound pretty good, but I’m planning to throw the fake set I received in the trash (seller would not accept them back, even though I received a full refund), rather than keep them as some sort of backup, or to give away; I would rather put them in the trash than give them away. So yeah, they are SUPERB for working out with (sweating, exposing them to various stresses, etc.).


Are these headphones comfortable? I bought a pair of sony headphones. I did not like the rubber on them. Can someone explain the  rubber on the 800?

Most comfortable IE headphones I have ever worn.  You barely notice you have them on.  My highest recommendation for comfort.  And a breakthrough re sound quality when used with the likes of Astell and Kern AK120 which drivvea them perfectly.