Sennheiser HD 800 Reference Dynamic Headphone FAQ

Sennheiser HD 800 Reference Dynamic Headphone Price: $1,069.99

Would these sound good/good enough with a high end portable player like the HiFiMAN HM-901 or the IBasso DX90?

I think so because it has a hookup with the larger input.  I use mine on my laptop with an amplifier and they sound great.  You can hear music over both ears or back and forth over the ears.  Another words the sound on your system you be divine.  My headphones are the brown ones with tan and i have an adapter for my laptop and amplifier for the smaller input on both devices.  They do have sound leakage but its just my husband and I at home and I don’t use them when my husband is around me.


Can I play these from the headphone out jack on my pre amp?


<br>But they’ll sound even better with a dedicated headphone preamp.


Is the cable replaceable?

Yes, you can replace with your own cable.


How much better than the HD 700? I saw the HD 700 is only $499 on Amazon. But this one is more than 2x more expensive. Is this really 2x better?

I have had the 650 and the 800. The 800 is noticeably better. Amazing definition. The vocals seem to come from my own throat.


Do I need audio cable stands for these so the cable doesn’t touch the floor?

no, it might be nice to have a headphone stand to store the headphones between listening sessions, but it is not “needed” at all.


Can anyone compare sennheiser hd800 vs audeze LCD-2?

HD800 will have a wider, deeper soundstage, and an airier sound with more emphasis on the upper midrange and treble.  The LCD-2 will have a comparatively darker, more intimate sound with a more emphatic bass performance.  If the HD800 is a concert hall, the LCD-2 is a small club.


Is this also good for gaming?

The sound is around you and not in your head so you can use them for a prolonged period of time. I can’t say they have other specific advantages for gaming but I haven’t heard better sounding headphones in general. Make sure you have a good amplifier.

Sennheiser HD 800 Reference Dynamic Headphone Price: $1,069.99


Does this headphone come with a balanced cable?

No, it does not.


Is this the best overall headphones for the price or are there any better ones out there?

The Sennheiser HD800 are great headphones, and have been around for a long time.  I’ve had these for several years, purchased another brand (Beyerdynamic T5) for a different purpose (closed) for listening and not bothering other people around my desk.  The price for each one, was around $1500.  The Sennheiser sounds better than the other, but a headphone amp is very important.  I would definitely purchase the Sennheiser again over others as the sound is what I like.  Again, a good headphone amp is very important.


From the actual looks of these headphones will it be possible to connect them to my phone or Pc

It’s certainly possible. With just an adapter you could connect to your phones headphone jack.<br>You won’t get the best experience without some sort or amplifier between the output source and your headphones though. <br>I have both a firefly tube amp and a creative sound card.. zb model for my pc. The sound is noticeable nicer through the tube amp. <br>However If your playing games the creative sound card is arguably better then even routing the sound through the firefly. <br>So the short answer is yes you can directly connect it to any source with headphone out.. but you will not get the best experience without an amp in the mix.


How good sony pha-1a portable amplifier/dac is for hd800? i know i won’t get the best out of hd800 with it but is it fair enough? thank you

I use my hd800 with a small NuForce amplifier that gives much better results than driving the hd800 with the bare iPhone. The hd800 doesn’t require a strong headphone amp with high output unless you like your music extremely loud. It is fairly sensitive. Even the bare iPhone can make the hd800 much louder than I want to listen. The main result of adding an amp is to improve the accuracy of the sound reproduction and improving the “soundstage,” the sense of location of each instrument or singer in the space in front of you. My little NuForce amp makes a clear improvement. Replacing it with a $5,000 amp probably would give another distinct step of improvement in accuracy and soundstage. Notice, though, that the amount of improvement per dollar invested in the headphone amp falls off quite rapidly after the first $2-300. That’s where you get the most bang for the buck. My choice, as one who loves super-accurate sound, is to spend my money on great phones and a decent cheaper amp.


The most expensive headphones i have tried retail for $500…is it really worth spending double for headphones like these?

The answer depends on how much you value extreme accuracy in audio reproduction. I have used Sennheiser phones at about half the price for years, and to my ear, the HD 800s are noticeably more accurate and smoother. Some difficult-to-reproduce sounds, like loud high soprano passages in classical music, are much smoother, not crackly sounding, through the HD 800s. Not so through the less expensive units. To me, they are well worth the money. Most of my friends do their listening through cheap earbuds, and they don’t see any sense whatsoever in paying the HD 800 price. It’s your money; you make the choice. They do benefit from a better source than a bare smart phone or iPad. After you spend that much on phones, definitely spend the money on a decent DAC/amp to drive it. The apparent source of the sound will widen out very nicely and be more accurate as compared to the bare phone. Select a vendor that will let you return them if you’re disappointed, though allow a break-in period. I plugged mine into an iPad, covered it with a pillow so I didn’t have to hear, and drove it continuously for several days before I began my own quality testing. I didn’t return mine and am very happy with them.


hd800 or t1 for bass and soundstange plz help

HD800s have better bass and sound stage. These 2 are quite similar HPs but HD800s do everything T1s do and do better

Sennheiser HD 800 Reference Dynamic Headphone Price: $1,069.99


Can you please list every other product accessory and amp i would need to buy to get this to work? (i want this to sound like an imax on my head)

It isn’t a surround sound headphone! Head over to The best amp/dac combination is subjective. Be prepared to shell out USD 500-5000 for your amp/dac.


Why are the cable connectors so hard to unplug out of the headphones?

So they do not fall out when in use


So i have a sound blaster x7 limited edition, and i always wanted the hd 800, will they match up nicely together?

I have a audioengine that I use with my hd 800s.  They are great because they are unusual.


is the cushion porous? if so, does anyone have issue with hair getting stuck in the cushion material? and are there any vinyl/leather replacements?



Would the schiit dac/amp USB dongle work well with this or do I need something more powerful?

no, you want a full size desktop amp/dac. with a headphone of this caliber you want good equipment. if you’re a schiit fan the bifrost with uber analog, and lyr 2 are a good pairing. the Valhalla 2 is nice with them as well. I like warmer amps to go with the somewhat colder/analytical sound signature of the hd800, though that’s just my opinion. heard them on the asgard 2 and it sounded great as well.


How would these sound with a Sennheiser HDVD 800 and a Sennheiser CH 800S High End Silver Plated Headphone Cable?

Very good.<br> I believe that it how the Sound Liaison recordings are made, with that equipment.<br>See the Sound Liaison site;

Sennheiser HD 800 Reference Dynamic Headphone Price: $1,069.99


What is a good, sturdy, big enough case to *transport* (not just store) HD800 headphones?

Here is what I have – <a class=”askAmazonUrl” href=”″></a><br>I take my HD800 headphones everywhere I go – in the car, hotel, etc. There is enough room inside the case for digital player and cables


What store can I try it in?

Hi, I think I saw them in B&H on stand.


How good would these be for listening to electronic music, and how is the bass response.

These are excellent general headphones. I am still discovering their qualities and I like them a lot. Listening is a subjective experience and in all honesty at the moment I enjoy electronic music more on my Fostex TH900 which I bought at the same time. The HD800 however are much better for classical music than the fostex.


Is the creative x7 le good enough to drive the hd800?

Looking at the specs of the amp inside (the Texas Instruments TPA6120A2-) it should be fine.<br>If possible audition it with a couple of hi-res audio files, You can get a few samples for free at Sound or at I believe HD tracks also has a few. But for the highest fidelity I prefer the Sound Liaison comparison sampler.


What is the best upgrade cable for these?

None. It’s a bs concept. Put your efforts into getting a very good converter and a very good matching headphone amp.


How does heavy metal music sound on these?

I listen to metal on the HD800 and it all sounds amazing. Any type of music sounds perfect on these including metal. With the wide soundstage, you’ve got to hear Iron Man on the 800. It totally envelopes you in the song.


Are these okay for an iPhone? I want to listen to my Spotify playlist in good audio.

Buy the HD700 or HD598 instead…let me explain: Yes, you can listen to the HD800 straight off an iphone but they will not sound right. The volume will be low and you’ll only be getting a fraction of the quality. These headphones need an amplifier. If you connect a portable amp to your iphone then the HD800 will sound better. However, if you are buying these to use on an iphone, you are wasting your money. They are designed for high end audio systems. Rather, buy the Sennheiser HD700 for much less money and they will work perfect with your iphone without an amp. You definitely should not buy the HD800 to use on an iphone. In fact, you might want to consider buying the HD598. The HD598 was designed with low ohms to work on the iphone and includes an adapter to fit it. I own all of these headphones and the HD598 sounds amazing. Not quite as perfect as the HD700 but still very acceptable. The HD700 will require an adapter to use on your iphone which is not included with the headphone. It’s up to you, but the more I think about it I recommend the HD598. Do not buy the HD800 for your cell phone. There is not a major difference between the HD800 and HD700. And the difference between the HD700 and HD598 is also not dramatic. As you go up in model numbers the increase in quality is only in small percentage. The higher end models do sound better than the ones below but it’s not a massive difference.


Ok, save your recommendations that these are not for “rock” music for someone who cares. can i use them for my old 70’s & 80’s rock music?!

They’re that damn good they’ll give you exactly what the engineers produced in the studio – provided you drive them with a good DAC/headphone amp (for high impedance phones). I’ve gigged in/taught (and loved) so many different styles of music – bottom line? These are articulate! I’d be highly surprised if you didn’t notice new stuff on old tracks.


Is this the same model as when it first came out in 2009/2010?

I don’t know exactly but, it seemed to be shown in the market from 2010.


Do you get to have dinner with Sofia Vergara if you buy these?



I wanna know can I use this headset with 6.3mm transfer to 3.5mm cable on my alienware17?  I mean will the headset have sound???

Any 6.3mm to 3.5mm adapter will work fine with these.

Sennheiser HD 800 Reference Dynamic Headphone Price: $1,069.99


How loud are these to non-listeners in the same room?

These are open air headphones and the music will be heard fairly clearly in a quiet room at 1 metre range (bed). Light co-sleepers can hear the music even if played at moderate volume – my wife complains. It also depends on ambient sound in the room. (Open air headphones, regarded as the best, will all leak sound to give you good sound.). If you are concerned, try Fostex or Audeze for a more closed experience but their sound signature is quite different.


Has anyone used the $300 dollar, portable oppo ha-2 se with the hd800 headphones?

I have not but it should be fine.

<br>Check this review


I hate the sound on the 598’s. Should I get these?

Friend, ultimate sound. The best headphones ever. Of course you need to get these)


Are these refrence headphones or do they color the sound? Thanks

These are the truest headphones I’ve heard. The sound is as is. I missed the base in the beginning but now I cam’t stop listening to them.


is there a trick to unplugging the L and R cables from the phone? i don’t want to damage anything!

If I remember correctly I gave them like a 1/4 turn once in place. I would gently try twisting first and then see if they don’t slide out.. But with what we payed for these I would email Sennheiser  to get a no mistake answer!!!!


What is a good AMP to get along with these headphones?

Cayin HA-1A<br>Eddie Current Zana Deux<br>HeadAmp GS-X MK II<br>All winners.


are the HD 800’s sold on Amazon, sold with the “security codes” on side of box to verify authenticity?

Thanks for your question. The phones that World Wide Stereo sells on Amazon are sealed at the Sennheiser factory and contain everything that is packed with them at that time. World Wide Stereo is 37 years old and a very proud Sennheiser dealer.


HD 800 or HD 800S for music, movies, and gaming?

I personally like the hd800 as opposed to the hd800s. The hd800s didn’t seem to have the same clarity and definition as my HD 800. You can also get the HD 800 for less money than the HD 800 S now. This is only my opinion and my experience. YMMV. Either one would be very good for watching movies and gaming and music of course.


Is the chord mojo a good AMP to these headphones?

You have to be very careful when buying an amp for these headphones. Make certain that you match the input specs of the 800’s rob the output spec’s of your amp. You can physically damage the driver of these headphones very easily. The other factor is that you bought the 800’s because of the their ability to accurately reproduce sound.(or should have anyways) so select an amp that meets that standard. Btw if the amp your looking at is less than 500.00 it isn’t going to meet the standards for the 800’s.


How would a shiit vali do running these headphones?

These sound glorious off pretty much any source. To maximize sound you need really expensive gear but even off the magni/modi or the O2 combo, the hd800 is good sounding of a bit cold and analytical (because no source changes the base sound signature of the headphones)<br>If you’re considering my hd800 for purchase (listed in the offers/ used section), please note that it doesn’t come with a cable but is priced a LOT lower than other sellers.


Compare hd800 vs hd800s

Slightly improved sound, and superior balanced cable connection, included<br>It would be easier, if you’d:<br>Call 920-494-8999 10a-7p Chicago time M-Sa<br>Visit our website and ‘contact us’ at:<br><br>skype:hifi.heaven<br>Thanks<br>Jim


A question to quality photo in regard to the sennheiser hd 800 – does this item carry an original manufacturer’s full warranty?


Sennheiser HD 800 Reference Dynamic Headphone Price: $1,069.99


Will HE6 sound better than hd800?

HD800 is the best headphone I have heard. Have had the HD650 for years which was considered the best for decades. Suggest being careful with choice of headphone amplifier which is a must with the HD800. Have tried a couple of headphone amplifiers with the the HD800 and found that the Sennheiser HDVD800 is a good match. Makes sense since they were probably developed together. I use the headphone system to premix recordings of Orchestra Masses – Choir, Pipe Organ, Orchestra. My studio loudspeakers – B&W802. Don’t know about the HE6. They could be good but I went with the longstanding standard of the headphone industry. BTW – HD800 is a big improvement over the HD650 especially with the HDVD converter/amp.