Sennheiser HD 8 DJ Headphones FAQ

Sennheiser HD 8 DJ Headphones Price: $299.95

I have heard that Sennheiser headphones usually sounds not just for you, people around you can hear what you are listening to as well, same issue?



I am looking at buying this Headset for computer/ portable use (music, gaming, movies, ect) would they sound good for gaming and movies?

Yess!! I use them for what they are made that is djing and the insulation is crazy i can hear nothing from the exterior world. I also have some Shure headphones, I have tested V moda, other sennheisers, allen and heath, pioneers and this have the best low end, also mids and highs are really clear, so if you are looking them form gaming I think they can make a really good job, but the thing is that this headphone are design for DJs, crazy insulation (I can bet that are the Dj headphones with best insulation in the market right now) and great low end I can’t ask for more. And one more thing they are the most comfortable headphones I had ever own, This were very well think, cheers for Sennheiser!!


Are they superior in sound quality to Bose QC 25? And how far off are they with noise isolation/cancelation?

I’ve not heard the Boss headphones,  but I’m using them to DJ with they really cancel out all outside noises to the degree that you almost forget that you are amongst other people


Are these loud like beats pro or audio tecnica m50 I ride the subway I need these puppy’s to be loud be honest and thank you very much

YES they are! I would suggest buying a portable amp … but these are 10times better then beats!


Are these fine for general use such as computers and phones?

Yes theres no problem with that the sound quality is awesome, but the main use is for dj because of the insulation, snug fit in the head and mobile parts. But a great advantage of using with a normal use is that you need lower volumes as you barely hear the outsite world