Sennheiser HD 700 Headphone FAQ

Sennheiser HD 700 Headphone (Jack plug ¼” (6.3 mm) stereo) Price: $451.50

How do these compare to the hd800, he560, lcd2

Sorry, the reason why i brought this headphones instead of the hd800 or any flagship is cause it’s cheaper and doesn’t need a world class amp and DAC to truly shine. However from what i heard hd800 are alot more neutral, got more detail and the separation is better than the hd700. If you thinking of buying those flagship headphones I would suggest to try them 1st cause all manufacturers got their own sound signature and i am use to sennheiser one.


apologies for vague question, what is a value solution to getting great sound of these for 3.5mm jack? To be used with iPhone, console, computer. thx!

Not recommended for a use so trivial and underwhelming. If you must use these cans, buy an aftermarket cable with a 3.5mm plug (stock cable is like 9ft long). If you want better sound use an amp (Audioquest dragonfly, schiit anything, burson conducter).


I purchased the HD700 new, and the left channel female plug no longer operates after 36 months.  Has anyone experienced a similar issue?

I suggest contacting Sennheiser directly to have them give you a repair estimate


I don’t know much about this stuff all i want is a good headset, can i just plug this in my mac and listen to music?

I wouldn’t recommend it but you could.  The problem is that they need an amp to properly power them.  In addition, I highly recommend a equalizer as well, otherwise the treble will sound too sharp/piercing (at least it does for me and 80% of the other reviewers).  The only way I would recommend these headphones is with all of the above (amp+eq) plus it would have to be on sale.  Note: I have a HD598 that sound good and will work nicely without the amp+eq, which sounds like it would be a better fit for you.

Sennheiser HD 700 Headphone (Jack plug ¼” (6.3 mm) stereo) Price: $451.50

Are these headphones still good in quality in 2016?

There is a reason why Sennheiser hasnt changed their high end headphones too much..they are truly remarkable.  They stand the test of time.  They do need a good amp..I use mine with amp from schiit any of them are good.  These arent bass heavy but they produce good bass…they are well balanced.  You wont be dissapointed!!


How much sound leaks out? Could these headphones be used on an airplane or does too much sound leak out to people around you?

Since these are open back headphones, there’s not much keeping the sound in. I’d say if you kept the volume at 25% of what a phone can drive through a 150 ohm set like these, you’d be able to get away with listening to these on an airplane. At 25% max volume via phone I’d say the sound would be faint to people on the outer edge of a 10-15ft radius of you. These may not be the best for sound isolation on a plane but you definitely would be able to wear these throughout an entire flight without any fatigue. These literally have to be one of the most comfortable headphones ever made!


Hi where can the serial number be found on headphones. And are these better than the Phillips x2 please advise guys

Don’t know where the serial # is (and haven’t taken them apart to find out. Haven’t compared them to the Phillips, but I run them through a Cambridge Audio DA convertor (optical cable) and a Darkvoice headphone pre-amp and the sound is awesome.


HD700’s or save up for the HD800’s?

the sound difference between the two is 2, maybe 5%. <br>it’s purely up to you how much you’re willing to pay for this quality increase…<br>Adam,<br>headphone experts


How do these compare to the hd 598? is it worth the upgrade? (please, if you haven’t heard them both multiple times, don’t answer)

The 598’s have a more “up front” mid-range while the 700’s sound a bit darker.  I guess there are times when I like the 598’s and other times where I prefer the 700’s.  The 700’s certainly have better power handling capabilities, and for long listening sessions I also find the 700’s less fatiguing.  The 700’s also need proper amplification and they really shine with a good tube amp (I have a Schiit Valhalla 2 paired with their Modi 2 Uber DAC) where as the 598’s don’t require (though they will benifit from) an external amp.  The 700’s are a lot faster, deliver better dynamics, and handle complicated music passages better than the 598’s.  I will admit that it took me some time to warm up to the sound of the 700’s, but in the end I’m glad I kept them (though had I paid the original price I would probably done a return).  Let me know if you need any additional details.


My head is big, cap size 8. i have the bose qc2 that fit when extended to the max.will hd 700 fit me? been looking for a good headphone.

It is a full size headphone.


What mic do i need to buy with these, and cabel to plug i to my mixer ?

Not quite sure. I only used it for listening music and gaming. (Not online chatting game which you need mic) I guess it depends on your mixer this is just headphone

Sennheiser HD 700 Headphone (Jack plug ¼” (6.3 mm) stereo) Price: $451.50

are they good for gaming?

Yes. Sound quality is awesome


Will my Onkyo TX-SR333 good enough to drive these headphones or would you recommend getting a dedicated headphone amplifier?

I do not use TX-SR333 but if there is an amplifier in that it would work with the headphones.


Can I chat on Xbox Live with this?

No. There is no microphone


does it come with an adapter

No you’ll need a separate adapter to use this with portable devices or laptops


Does anyone know if a fostex hp-p1 dac/amp can drive these, it has power output of 80mw??

I’m not sure about your dac/amp combo but my Chord MOJO dac (no additional amp) drives them beautifully.


Would sony nw wm1a powerful enough? or do i need an extra amp

I do not know. Sorry


How long is the cord? My chair is 15 feet away from the stereo. Can I get an extension?

Steve<br>It is 3 meters long. You can use an extension cable.<br>It would be easier, if you’d:<br>Call 920-494-8999 10a-7p Chicago time M-Sa<br>Visit our website and ‘contact us’ at:<br><br>skype:hifi.heaven<br>Thanks<br>Jim


How long has these headphones been in the market? I wanted to know whether the technology is not too old.. Thanks

Considering that the HD600’s came out in 1996 and are considered some of the best dynamic headphones ever created, age isn’t always a factor.  The HD700’s were introduced in 2012.


Is any sound quality or impedence lost if i use a 6.3mm to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter to an amp?

Unless it is a really bad adapter, there should be no difference.


Would, little dot mk2 mkii 6j1 x2 6n6 x2 headphone amp amplifier pre-amp tube, this be a good amp?

I wouldn’t want to comment on this specific HP amp because I have not heard it but understand they perform well. I will say though I have used the HD700 with a range of amps – some with better reputation than others – but with each the 700 has sounded good. It does seem to be an unfussy headphone in this respect.


How hd700 are for hip-hop music? i’ve seen many negative comments that you won’t get vocal clarity with these as they are dark sounding.

They are dark sounded if you don t listen them loudly


Can you use these without a dac/amp????…my otherboard z97a has onboard sound and dolby reproduction….if i use an amp i lose this feature.

No you can’t. And that feature, you don’t need it if you have a nice DAC/AMP alongside with a nide record.


Does it come with the headphone case?


Sennheiser HD 700 Headphone (Jack plug ¼” (6.3 mm) stereo) Price: $451.50

Replaceable ear pads for the HD700?, anybody?.

Item number: 549062 EarPads for HD700 list on the Sennheiser website for $81.25. These were not listed on website at the time I checked it. I checked the manufacturer’s website to get the number. You can ask customer service at to see if you can purchase it through, but I gave you the Sennheiser item number. That is the number for that item. Hope it helps!


What kind of amplifier is best suited for hd 700?

Sennheiser makes a great amplifier for it’s headphones that can benefit from that. Go to and check out the amplifier that Sennheiser makes. I know a few people that have it and they say it really opens up their headphones. I can’t afford it myself, but these are people I trust and that satisfies me. It may be more than you would like to spend, but the HD700 headphones deserve the best you can give them and this unit delivers. I trust my friends opinion on this subject without question! You can too! You should not be sorry. It will let you know if your player is weak though!


Can i add an antlion modmic to this? will the magnet on the mic effect the sound or quality? thank you.

There isn’t a flat metal surface to attach it too. But if there was i would imagine it would effect the sound


Would this work well with an ASUS Xonar Essence STX II? If not, what do you recommend? Thanks!

Unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to purchase an amp yet. Sorry I couldn’t be of help! <br>Try, ask them!


is this comfortable like 5 -8 Hours . moives music games ? i have big head ? any card sound i buy with this i need cheep one

In my humble opinion they are very confortable although i never listen to musicfor 5-8 straight continous hours.  I do listen to them for around 2-3 hours and never reslly feel tat i have them on.  As far as a sound card, i havent dealt with building computers in a long time


Would the hd 700s sound good powered by a yamaha as 1000 integrated amp? also, would a filo 07 dac headphone portable amp be powerful enough?

The HD700’s sound good on anything. They don’t have a high impedance so both of the amps you mention will drive them with no problem.


I only have nuforce hd amp/dac. can it handle hd 800 or should i stick with hd 700 with lower impedance? (game/movies) thanks!

p.s. I don’t think game / movies audio is that significant that you need a super analytical headphone like HD800….. any headphone would work ok with games and movies. I use expensive headphones for FLAC audio only…. sorry I am not a movie or game person.



Actually it is made in Ireland.


is it good for gaming ? im thinking about getting 1 used or new Sennheiser Game One ( same price ) which one is better for long hours comfort?

I own Sennheiser HD700 & HD598 headphones. Both are comfortable for hours.  I mention The HD598 because it looks to have ear pads similar to those of the Game One.  I don’t think Sennheiser would make an uncomfortable headset.  That being said, if you have no need for a microphone and have audiophile tendencies the HD700 may be a good choice.  Keep in mind it is an open headphone.  This means that you will hear outside noises quite clearly.  Is the HD700 good for gaming?  Well, it won’t isolate and it has no mic.  So, you tell us. But, if you have or may have in the future a need for a microphone, go for the Game One.  Personally, if I was interested only in gaming, I’d buy a gaming headset.  If I wanted double duty, music and gaming, I’d pick up the used HD700 which may require a headphone amp.  Then look for a used headset.


I am planning to get one of these from amazon and ship it overseas to hong kong, where i live. how do i get any warranty coverage?

Thank you for asking I am delighted to help. First off I am in no way, shape, or form a sales representative for Sennheiser so it’d be best to reference Sennheiser’s Warranty Conditions page for detailed information.  Sennheiser has a link in the warranty conditions page for Service Partners Worldwide which may help you with any warranty specific eligibilities, repairs, replacements, etc within different countries that offer Sennheiser support.  I hope this guides you in the right direction.


What would be a good budget amp to use with these headphones. For a budget around 200 dollars?

The ONLY amp under 200 dollars I would run on these is an O2 Amp.  It is powerful, does not change the sound at all, and is a PERFECT headphone amplifier in EVERY way.  The design was made by an anonymous engineer a couple of years ago who goes by NuWavGuy, with a challenge to anyone to present a better amp with a reward of 4500 dollars, NOONE has done it yet.  I have built three of these, and purchased one from Mayflower Electronics, the one from Mayflower is slightly better sounding (they have a lot more experience building them than I do), but the ones I built still sound better than ANYTHING ELSE I have ever heard.  I am a technician and owner of a consumer electronic/communications/computing business, so I have heard and used a lot of amps, from the cheap (don’t recommend ANY of those if you have decent headphones), to $5000 tube amps, and none perform or sound as good as the O2.  I own a set of the HD800 headphones, and use this amp for those, and they sound amazing, no matter what you throw at them, from classical to metal, no distortion, noise, or hum, or clipping.


Does it come with the 6.3mm to 3.5mm adapter or do you need to purchase separately?

It does not come with an adapter.

Sennheiser HD 700 Headphone (Jack plug ¼” (6.3 mm) stereo) Price: $451.50

Is the cable 3.5mm

The original cable is 6.3mm. You have to buy an adapter.


These headphones apparently has issues with treble peaks. Have you noticed this? Not sure if worth buying because of this.

I can assure you the soundscape is astonishingly clear. I never noticed any issue.


The plug is 1/8″ or 1/4″?  Is there any adapter included?

1/4 I bought the adaptor under 5 bucks but also  bought a sunflower amp day with  1/4 adapter they are a good combination


How would this headset sound with the schiit jotunheim?

for my preferences, the lyr 2 is better. it’s a smoother, warmer sound signature, and helps calm the hd700’s brightness. the jot is a brighter sounding amp, and more detailed. with all my other headphones, i prefer it to the lyr. but for the hd700, i just find it too bright. i wont say it’s a sibilant though. just a bit too peaky for my tastes. i also prefer the ifi audio ican se to the jot for the hd700 as well. it’s also warmer/smoother. <br>but if you like your treble, the jot/hd700 is a treble head’s dream. it’s very detailed, has a huge soundstage, and has great extension in both the highs and lows. and it’s sound quality is about equal in both balanced and single ended configuration. it’s a really nice amp overall, i do like it alot. i just have a personal taste for smoother sounding amps, with less peaky natures.


How does this compare to the HD 650?

very different sound signatures. <br>hd650 – darker sound signature. highs rolled off and mellow. mids rich and slightly forward. bass slow and thick. soundstage is so so for an open can. not the best, not the worst. forgettable would be the best way to describe the soundstage. 300ohm, needs an amp. loves otl amps. slow sound decay, especially in the bass. gives the bass a slightly muddy signature, though detail isn’t bad. all in all a very relaxed and smooth/mellow pair of cans. great for long, fatigueless listening. <br>hd700 – brighter sound signature with increased clarity and soundstage. highs are quite extended and peaky, but VERY detailed. some find the highs sibilant, I do not. mids are a bit farther back than the 650, but much more detail. bass is very tight with great extension and quick decay. the 700 actually goes deeper than the 650 but because it’s tighter, it often sounds less bass heavy. bass impact is a bit less than the 650, but quality far superior. soundstage is huge, with excellent width and depth. holographic would be the word to describe the soundstage. 150ohm and needs an amp. beware bright dac/amps, they’ll exacerbate the peaky highs. a far more engaging and dynamic listen vs the 650, but also more fatiguing for long periods of time. a much more technical and analytical experience vs the mellow 650. <br>I find the hd700 to be horribly underrated. it was overpriced at launch and has an odd looking response graph, but to my ears sounds great. I think because of the price, people assumed it would be a baby hd800 with a similar sound signature. but it’s much warmer sounding, and more intimate than that headphone. I also think people put too much stock in graphs. some of my favorite headphones have horrible looking graphs, but for my tastes, sound great. also, sennheiser is horrible about tweaking their headphones without announcing it. if you look at 2012/2013 reviews, they’re very negative. if you look at more recent reviews, 2015/2016, they’re far more complimentary. maybe the 700 received a retune? I don’t know, but seems odd early reviews are scathing and later reviews are not. <br>anyhow hope that helps.


Are these for home use only?

They definitely weren’t designed with portability in mind; just based on size alone.  Being open also means that all the noise from the world will be heard.  If you can procure a much shorter cable with a 3.5mm connector you could use them on the go.  They sound good when paired with my LG G4, but FAR from their full potential (and don’t play all that loud: okay where it’s quiet, but inadequate in a noisy environment).  You can add a portable amp, but now you’re also lugging around another piece of equipment.


are the cushion materials porous or nonporous?

porous. easily cleaned though if you’re worried about soiling.


What would be a recommended small, attachable mic to use this this? Something similar to an Elite Core HS-09-SN-TAN OSP Headset Microphone. Thanks!

Modmic 4.0


These or hd 600 ? which one is better ? specifically neutral, will use for gaming & music ofcourse?

The 600 is more neutral and quite a bit cheaper but I personally prefer the 700 for most music( I’m older and my ears a less affected by higher frequencies) but would not choose either for gaming.


How long is the cable? I’ve heard from 8ft  to 12ft really, does anyone really know?

It’s 10 ft/ 3 meters.


will these be good for mixing? Or am I looking at the wrong headphones?

They’re amazing for mixing. With the amount of crystal-clear detail these things offer up, I don’t see how you could ever settle for anything less. They are extraordinary. Just get a really good amp.


How does this compare to the Beyer T90 and Audeze LCD2 ? I listen to a lot of Trance music and i will be using it for gaming also. any recommendation

I’ve only heard the hd700 for a few minutes at a meet, but I heard enough to get an idea of it’s overall sound signature. I’ve logged a few hours with the lcd2 so I know it’s sound signature fairly well. so I’m not expert with either, take my notes with a huge grain of salt.<br>the lcd2 is warm, lush, full bodies, with incredible bass impact, texture and detail. I find it somewhat dark as well. not hd650 dark, but still dark. it’s a smooth and liquid sounding headphone that’s beyond addicting to my ears. if you’ve ever heard the mrspeaker mad dog, it’s very similar sounding, but with more resolution and overall sound quality. <br>the hd700 was brighter than the lcd2, thinner sounding, and colder. bass was significantly less in both impact and extension. it’s not nearly as bright as the hd800, but it’s still a somewhat bright sound signature when compared to the lcd2. it’s resolution is comparable to the lcd2 in my opinion. its much more open sounding, and airy. both side to side and front to back imaging is superior to the lcd2. the one aspect of the lcd2 I was not impressed with was it’s soundstage. I’m not saying it was bad, it just wasn’t as good as the other aspects of the headphone. <br>i much preferred the sound signature of the hd700 to the hd800. the hd800 just sounded too detailed, too clinical. the hd700 had more warmth to it, more soul, so to speak. but that’s just my impression. I’m a dark/warm lover more than a cold/analytical lover. that being said i absolutely loved the lcd2. i have small kids in the house and sit in a cube at work so open headphones aren’t a reality for me right now. but once the kids are older and the house quieter, it’s on my shortlist of headphones to purchase. unless i buy the lcd-xc….. <br>hope that helps. again, i don’t own either, just listened to them at meets with different equipment, so take that into account.

Sennheiser HD 700 Headphone (Jack plug ¼” (6.3 mm) stereo) Price: $451.50

Is the cable detachable?

yes, it is<br>Adam,<br>headphone experts


Are these authenitc?  only ask because i have been burnt on amazon once on a pair of sennheiser ie80s?

report the seller of ie80, amazon will immediately solve it. <br>anything sold on amazon must be authentic. <br>Adam,


What do i need to fully enjoy the HD 700 on a PC/Laptop/IPhone 6 Plus?

a good dac and amp is all you need. the hd700 isn’t too terribly hard to drive so most decent amps will have sufficient power to drive them well. I’m a schiit guy (yes you pronounce it like that…), so I’d say anything from the magni 2 to the lyr 2 would suffice. the asgard 2 is a solid and versatile amp as well that wont break the bank. for a dac I think you’d be fine with a modi 2. I’ve heard the modi 2 and bifrost side by side and I honestly couldn’t make out much of a difference between them. if you want a all in one unit the odac with o2 amp integrated is a solid choice. good source material helps too. stay above 256kbps mp3 or lossless. no 128kbps mp3!


What (gear) Jack 3.5 recommended for this product?

I got this cable adapter here on Amazon (Cable Adapter Female 1/4″ 6.3mm to Male 1/8″ 3.5mm Plug) . It is still going to be bulky but in my opinion it does reduce the strain on the 3.5 audio port due to its flexibility. <br>P. S.   It  is also Sennheiser branded <br>Your other option is to buy an aftermarket cable.


Where are this Made

made in ireland. <br>Adam,


Does anyone use the oppo ha-2 se amplifier with these hd700s

I am not sure. I just can say the box has been opened


What kind if dac should i use? I have been looking at the sony pha1a but have been wondering if i can get something better for around the same price

I haven’t listened to the Sony, but I have the Oppo HA-2, and it sounds phenomenal.  There is a newer version, the HA-2se which is about the same price as the Sony and the older version is still available for around $230.


would a dragonfly red be able to power these?

At 150 ohms, the HD700s are easier to drive than my HD600s and HD650s (Both 300 ohm).  But, DACs like the Dragonflies (intended primarily for IEMs or as a better external DAC than a phone or laptop has) aren’t going to be able to provide the power to drive the HD700s to anywhere near their full potential.