How loud are they when you play music?

Hi, they are as loud as you want them to be – you can set the overall volume within the app, as well as still use the volume controls on your phone.  I leave the default volume in the “personal profile” alone and use my phone’s media controls to set my listening volume, but you can do it either way.


Can we share these earbuds so two persons can listen music simultaneously

No, because the right ear bud communicates with the left using NFC – if the buds are further apart than around 12″ the signal to the right bud will cut out


How long does it take for fully charge?

The charging case takes around an hour to fully charge, which gives you 4 full charges of the iqbuds


When will Bluetooth range be improved?

Bluetooth range depends on version that the earbuds use. Wireless technology fits different purposes, PAN is personal area network which means the earbuds only reach as far as Bluetooth 4.2 will allow it to (by design). So if you wanted to stream audio to them via wifi you would have a longer range because wifi signals can broadcast further. Bluetooth 4.2 was announced in 2014 and 5.0 announced in 2016. Bluetooth 5.0 range is 40–400m (100–1,000 ft). So they will need to develop a 5.0 earbud for that range to work. Also the phone would need 5.0 as well.


Can these be paired with iTranslate app?

They basically become the default mic and headset for the mobile once paired.  So you can use them on any application on the phone or other device you paired them with


When i connected them, there was no sound playing into them. how do you troubleshoot this?

have you connected the IQ buds to your phone via Bluetooth. Also have you connected the IQ Buds app via Bluetooth? Once you do this and confirm on Bluetooth on your phone…..all will play happily. Also these is new software update now making signal strength and other attributes better.  Enjoy.


When used for speech amplification/noise cancellation, do these earbuds produce a constant background noise of their own similar to loud road noise?



<br>You can adjust for some background noise suppression and for more vocal distinction.





I briefly reviewed the specs and did not see anything about a microphone, are these for audio only or do they include a microphone for phone use?

Yes these are for phone also. If your phone rings, tap the right ear bud which will answer the call then start talking. Nice and easy


Do these work for iPhone 6s Plus?

Hi Vampiro, yes our IQbuds do work on an Iphone 6s plus.  Please find the link to our support page as this will provide all the specification information of what devices we support.  If you have any further questions please email  Thanks


Does anyone know if the firmware update has fixed the Bluetooth connectivity issues?

Yes it has, Big improvement.


Will these pair with the apple watch?

It pairs with any Bluetooth device with default sound settings. To change them and save them you need to be able to connect to the app. It’s a two way connection one is to the device and one is to the app. Connection to the device is primary as long it connects to a Bluetooth device it can play music or take calls etc….not just Apple Watch.


Do i have to have both earbuds in for them to work or can i remove one? it’s nice to have one out so i can hear and talk

You can just use the left earbud by itself. The right earbud does not work by itself.


can you listen to youtube on them

Yes- you can listen to any audio that streams from your phone – Youtube, internet radio, Spotify etc


Are these compatible with Android??

Yes, there is an Android app available at Google Play.  Works fine with my Sony Xperia XZ


After the latest firmware update in October, has the Bluetooth range improved?

My patner and I both have a pair and noticed a significant improvement after the last firmware update.


How well do these ear buds work with an IPhone during a conversation?

Great for me, thats their whole purpose


Can I work out with these? Are they sweat proof?

Yes, I wear them in the gym and cycling


are they compatible with siri (voice control)?

Yes our IQbuds are compatible with Siri.  You can activate Siri/Google Now by double tapping either the left or right bud.  Please refer to our support page for further information and videos.


Has anyone used these riding a motorcycle? Does it block out wind noise?

Try the bose quietcomfort 20. Works great and there half the price


Review from July 3, 2017. They found the bluetooth signal was too weak for consistent connect when phone in pocket. Has this been fixed?

Yes. There is an update, and word is they are working to improve it even more in the future. If my phone is stationary I have absolutely no trouble, if I’m walking or excercising then the higher I have my phone to the earbuds the better, but if you place it in a phone band around your arm there are no problems. I think the movement/Bluetooth connectivity will only improve.


I want to use these for cycling, however I am wondering how well would they work with the wind passing my ears?

Ha, easy answer! With the phone app, you can customize what sound, how much/little and frequencies enter your ear. The sky is the limit. Try the presets first then start tweaking. Enjoy!


Can you mute your voice while on a phone call?

Thank you for your question.  Unfortunately you are unable to mute your voice on a phone call on the IQbuds.  To mute a call this will still need to be done via the phone handset.

<br>Nuheara Customer Care Team


Can you pair to multiple devices?

I dont know if you meen at the same time? But I use them for my phone, tablet and pc 🙂 I have also connected them to my bfs phone some times


can you cancel out all noise with these in? With no music/sound playing through them?

They are not design to cancel out sound completely.


Do you have to have a cell phone to use these?

Yes you can’t change the settings without using the app


Are these bluetooth 5.0 or 4.2?

Hi Justin, thanks for your question. The IQbuds use 4.2


<br>Nuheara Customer Care Team


Can you please advise what is the battery rating (mah) of the iqbuds?

I found that the battery life out lasted  my beatswireless headphones. While I feel battery life on general has improved greatly. These only take about an hour to chargeand found I would often get 5-6 hours of music play time.


can these be used  indepedently, only have one ear.

You could only use the left one independently as far as Bluetooth is concerned. The left one gets the Bluetooth signal and sends audio to the right one. If your talking about audio from the outside world you could use either independently.


Is it really, truly possible that the only way to turn these earbuds off is to put them back into their charging cradle??    I’m mystified

That is my understanding. Helps keep them charged and in the case harder to misplace.


Can I use them while swimming?



Are there any third party ear stabilizers or ear buds that could fit this headset? My left IQBud hates my head 🙁

Hi Jen,  thank you for your question.

<br>If you are referring to the tips, then IQbuds are compatible with COMPLY foam ear tip model ‘Isolation 160’.  They can be purchased online

<br>If you have any further questions or need assistance please email our Customer Support at


<br>Nuheara Customer Care and Support