Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2 DJ Controller Price: $399.00

During a set, can you switch to your headphones and preparing what you want to play before the crowd hear this?

Yes u can , every dj equipment can


So I can’t make new music does anyone know WhtAt machines could do it?

You could start with software like FL Studio or Logic plus an external MIDI controller (like an AKAI). This is how most music is produced these days.


What cords will i need to purchase for this board. i want to use computer speakers and my laptop. are the cords that i use included?

Everything should be included inside the package and is easy to set up


Will this work on Windows 10?

Yes I’m using it with my laptop and I have Windows 10 on it  -)

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2 DJ Controller Price: $399.00

Is it compatible with other Native Instrument’s hardware such as Krontol Z1, F1 or X1?

yes it is


will this work with the numark orbit in traktor?

Yes but you have to map it manually


Does it works for traktor scratch or scratch pro?



does it come with a connection for a iPad generation 3

I don’t believe so but I would check with the manufacture website because sometimes they update packages according to year purchase I brought mine two year ago hope this helps mite.


Can someone please tell me what cords will be needed in order to plug this into regular computer speakers?

horns to connect a computer to the controller you need an RCA to 3.5mm mini plug.


will this work with IOS 8



Can i use the dj amphilfier with this controller?

Yes u can ..


does it include traktor pro 2?

Yes, although not on a disk. You must have an internet connection. The S2 is boxed with a fully licensed Traktor Pro 2 registration code and a download link to the Native Instruments website.


Can anyone confirm if the power supply is 110v, 220v or 110/220v ?

According to the Native Instruments website, this is USB bus powered.


Does Native Instruments supply a software mixer app for the audio interface?

Yes. The controller comes with download codes for Traktor pro 2 software


I didn’t receive any software code with my order, how do i obtain this since i cannot use it until i have Traktor Pro 2?

I would call Native Instruments support or return back to Amazon if I can recall it came with the serial numbers on the keyboard layout I have the software previously.  Hope this helps ..