Klipsch X20i FAQ

Klipsch X20i In-Ear Headphones Price: $549.00

What is the experience with cord noise on these? I had a pair of x7i’s. They sounded great but the cord noise was unbearable – returned them. Thanks.

I have not had any problems with this


So i am loocking for a new pair of earbuds. What js the difference between the x6, 12, and 20s?

the real questions you should be asking are what are you willing to pay and what will you be using them for?<br>besides the obvious price differences,  the major technical difference is the frequency response.  The x6 is 10Hz-19kHz, x12 is 5Hz-19kHz, and x20 are 5Hz-40kHz.  so you’re really paying in part for audio range and of course overall quality.<br>personally I have the x20’s… I listen to all types of music as well as comedy, podcasts, etc.  many times I’ve found I’ve heard thinge I never bead before.<br>I’d say if you just want a solid pair of ear buds that will see a lot if use and you don’t care as much about getting stolen/losing/damaged, the X6 will be fine.  if you want something with better range on the low end, the x12 would be the best.  if you want a jack of trades,  the x20 are really great.  I started using them exclusively over a pair of audio technical studio headphones (which I still very much like)