JBL Everest Elite 300 FAQ

JBL Everest Elite 300 NXTGen Noise-Canceling Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones, Black Price: $179.90

Does the jbl everest elite 300 come with share me 2.0 feature like regular everest 300?

I don’t believe that it does.


Any option to use with wire like on an airplane?

It has a jack option to plug into laptop or phone if the Bluetooth dies.


Why is this product cheaper than others?

When I bought mine they were more expensive so many there are too many newer versions now I got mine last Christmas. I have the white ones love them they work well but they do stick out of my head some almost round. They are great on a plane.


Is this better than a Bose wireless?

Yea ,I think theses are the best quality head phones I’ve ever bought.


Is there an aux cord input on these ?

There is an outlet to connect a cable from your source/smartphone and another one for recharging it. This is wireless via bluetooth. No other connectors.


are the headphones compatible with sony android tv’s?

Sorry I do not know. This was a gift for somebody.


Are they sweat proof

No. These are hurting my ear so I returned back.


Does this come with an auxiliary cable as well?

Sorry no idea.  It’s for grandson Xmas and it’s wrapped already so I can’t look.


Can i listen and Chat with these on a pc without the aux cord?

as long as PC has bluetooth you can


Is this heavy and is the ear cups real leather?

It is a little heavy as compared to regular headsets, but they are only two pounds.  If it wasn’t sitting square on the top of my head, it would slip down the back a little.  That absolutely does not detract from how awesome and effective they are.  I wear them at the gym.  I can’t tell if they are made of real leather, but they are really comfortable.


Is the warranty worldwide and is it lifetime warranty?

Thanks for your question. The warranty is USA only and for 12 month duration. World Wide Stereo is 37 years old and a very proud jbl dealer.


Howz the bass?

Either the JBL everest 300 or the Elite 300 if you need anc. They  both play loud and deep and clear. Closest headphones I have used that makes the music sound live.


Can the headphones swivel or do they only fold?

They do not swivel but they do fold to fit into the carrying case.


Can these be used wirelessly with noise cancellation off?

Yes they can be used with noise cancellation off