Fender Tenor Ukulele “Nohea” FAQ

Fender Tenor Ukulele "Nohea" - All Koa Price: $249.99

Fender doesn’t make concert size ukulele.. so I’m assuming that this is a tenor,am i right or does anyone know if this is a tenor or what?

Yes, this is a tenor..  It states that in the description  .. Amazon makes the headers… in the process of trying to get it changed.. Lynn


Can this be strung and tuned like a baritone uke?

First off, we’re sorry for the title here – this is not a “52-inch ukulele”, it’s a “Fender Ukulele ’52”, named for the original Fender guitar it’s modeled on.  Its scale length is about 15″, concert uke range, so baritone tuning (typically around 19″ scale) probably isn’t going work so well.


Can you change the strings to steel strings?

No never on any nylon string instrument it is not designed for that stress. There are a few ukuleles that are built for that and come with steel strings . One that I own is a solid body electric Vorson . Hope this helps


Is this laminate or solid wood?