Epiphone Les Paul STANDARD Electric Guitar FAQ

Epiphone Les Paul STANDARD Electric Guitar, Ebony Price: $419.00

This guitar include a case?



How is the setup of this guitar out of the box? In other words, if I buy it here, will I have to go to a store and pay money to have it set up?

Ready to go outta the box!! Alittle tuning with a guitar tuner app and that’s it. Love mine, very solid feel and sounds great.


Which is better, made in Indonesia or China?

It doesn’t really matter epiphone parts are made overseas but put together and inspected in America


How do I fix the tuning issues? Mine detunes with bends

It shouldn’t.  If you have not changed the stock strings that might be a starting point.  If you have, then you have not “stretched” the strings in properly, not wound them on the tuners correctly, or some combination of both.  Strings are elastic to some degree and when they are new they need to be “stretched in” to varying degrees dependent upon the gauge and manufacturer, but they basically all need this.  Since this is a hard tail model you are not dealing with a floating bridge that is a typical culprit for strings easily finding their way out of tune.  I have this instrument and IMO it is of good quality as far as the stock tuners and all hardware, though I change all the default strings from day one so again if you haven’t done that I would suggest that as a first step.  While there is great merit for a professional setting up any guitar, I always encourage players, if they don’t already, to mess around with the instrument and learn how to set it up as that information is invaluable in terms of eventually customizing an instrument to your personal preferences.  While we all would love to have a guitar tech at our beck and call, most of us don’t and as most guitars out of the box come with a pretty flat setup, it can be way off from what you want.  You are not going to hurt anything on the instrument by doing this and will become more engaged with your instrument in the process.  But always feel confident that if you hose it completely, you can take it to a pro and they can get it back in shape for you.  The only other aspects to stringed instruments not holding good tune is either poor quality or faulty tuners or how you play this guitar.  If this is not your first Les Paul model, then that may not be relevant here though string gauge and fret size can play a role as if you are pressing hard on jumbo frets with 10’s on as opposed to medium jumbos with perhaps 12’s or maybe 9’s you are going to get a very different feel and can “squeeze” the notes out of tune.  Also if you are not using a quality tuner, that may also be a problem as string to string ear tuning is only as accurate as your ear and the intonation of the instrument.  As you can now see, if you bothered to read this far, this is a more complex topic than you might have imagined lol… Hope something here helped you out 🙂


Does this come “set up” right out of the box

Yes, factory documents said Epiphone set up guitars before shipping.

Epiphone Les Paul STANDARD Electric Guitar, Ebony Price: $419.00


the knobs are black or gold? I saw pictures of people with black knobs, so I dont know if they are black or gold

The default knobs are gold. I replaced mine with black.


what is the difference between this les paul standerd and the standerd pro plus top besides the flame maple top,and is it worth the extra money?

Hi Tyson.  Chris Toms said it best.  To be honest if I want a single coil sound I play my Strat.  I chose the standard because I wanted that Les Paul sound.  What Chris said about using the split coil I believe as well.  I know an awful lot of guitar players and they all tell me they don’t use that feature very often.  So like Chris said.  It all depends on what you are looking for…<br>P.S. I do love this guitar though…


Is it Alder or Mahogany body

Mahogany body


does it come with strings?

Yes it comes w strings.


Is this guitar good for playing in drop C and or drop D? And is this guitar good for hard rock and metal in general?

For me this guitar has good tone/sound for hard rock and heavy metal type music.  One of my favorite guitars


Is this guitar good for small hands? Or what else should I look for?

if for someone 12 or older, should work fine..

Epiphone Les Paul STANDARD Electric Guitar, Ebony Price: $419.00


Is this too large for a petite 5 foot person?

if over 12 years of age, i’d say it’s fine..


Does it coiltap?

No it does not. But this guitar does sound and play great!


Who country made this?

Mine was made in Indonesia.


Does this guitar come assembled?



Does this have the slim taper neck or the 50’s fat neck?

This guitar has the slim taper neck.


Is it a flat top.

Theyre archtops.  The lp100s i believe are the flattops.  Though dont quote me on that. I


Is this guitar good for someone with small hands?

This is a good guitar, but there has to be a better one for a small hand person.


100% made by a real Epiphone dealer? I heard there are fakes out there.

I can´t confirm if this is or not fake, at least all documentation , packaging, material and sound is great,


How many frets does it have? 22? 24?

22 Frets.


come with hard case ?

The one I bought did but I bought a better one


Is it wood

Yes it is… really fine finishes !!


If i play metal, do i need to change the pickups?

They are quality humbuckers that you will not need to replace unless you A) have more of a personal playing style you wish to explore within metal due to years of self development or B) Just like to have different kinds of pickups mix and match / play with. Have fun learning and growing with this fine instrument.

Epiphone Les Paul STANDARD Electric Guitar, Ebony Price: $419.00


Is valid for small hands

Perfect for small hands. <br>However the buzz at 8th and 7th fret ever goes, no matter how the settings are.


Should I spend an extra $100 for the plus top pro or the traditional pro?

I don’t think there are any performance differences; I think it’s just aesthetics. But don’t quote me on that. If there are pickup differences, though, ignore that because you won’t ultimately want to settle for stock Epiphone pickups. Mine comes with EMG-81 and EMG-85 pickups, which are hot, clear, and hum-free.


has anyone used theirs strictly 4 jazz like it was meant 4

If you are asking if I bought this guitar to play jazz the answer is no.  As for the intended use of this guitar for jazz.  Do not know were you are getting that from.  Can it be used for jazz? Sure.  Are there better guitars suited for jazz? Sure.  I personally bought this guitar for it’s signature Les Paul sound.  I have Fenders and was looking for that double coil sound that only a Les Paul can give.


Stuck on this, plus top, and traditional pro. Which one should I get.

LP Standard with EMG humbuckers.


Where was it manufactured?

China. But don’t let that stop you. The guitar is flawless.


What is a good amp to use with it? One that is reasonably priced for a beginner, but not too crappy?

I did not have an amp in my studio so I bought a Fender Mustang I.  It’s right around $100 and it sounds awesome.  It has quite a few digital effects and different amp modeling built right in.  You can down load even more.  Store your favorites or just use like a regular amp.  It has everything you need at a great price.  It’s built well, is very lightweight, sounds incredible and this little bugger can get pretty loud.  You can get it from Musicians friend, Guitar centers or on Amazon.  I bought a lot of gear last year fro my recording studio.  This was one of the best buys I made.  Read the reviews no matter were you look to buy.  I think you will be pleased…

Epiphone Les Paul STANDARD Electric Guitar, Ebony Price: $419.00


Does the Epiphone Standard have push/pull pots?

It does not have push/pull pots. As of now, it would seem only the PRO series will offer coil-tapping.


Is this one made in Korea or China?

The one i have is from China.works fine


Are the sides and back of the guitar gray?

No it’s the same color as the rest of the guitar body


Which is better this one or the wildkat royale?

As with any guitar, the one that you like is always the better one hands down.


What year were these made?

Gibson bought Epiphone around the mid 90″s. Epiphone Les Paul by Gibson,Fender Mexican Stratocaster, telecaster are the best semi pro Guitars on the market ever since they were<br>both made could not even tell you how many millions or possibly billion sold since production. all satisfied customers. I like the cardnal red or gold top. But they all play the same they rock.


Comes With softcase or bah?

Mine did not come with any case. I ordered the Epiphone hardshell case separately: <a class=”askAmazonUrl” href=”http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0002D01K4?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00″>http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0002D01K4?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00</a>


What does left and right hand mean?

You either play the guitar right or left handed, And you have to purchase a guitar depending if you are right or left handed…


does it come with a tuner?

No, but I would gladly give you one of my older ones.


Does it come with strap?




It weighs 7.8 pounds.