EdgeStar KC2000 Full Size Kegerator and Keg Beer Cooler Questions Answered

EdgeStar KC2000 Full Size Kegerator and Keg Beer Cooler Price: $439.00

can the tap be mounted in a bar
Not surely I understand what you’re trying to do. Sliding the whole cooler in an opening in the bar would be easy. I’m not sure how you could remove the tap itself and mount it separately.

Curious about electric consumption  does it use a lot of electricity?
i didnt notice a change in the bill… maybe cents, not dollars.  but then again i don’t pay attention too much… i just pay the bill.

Does this kegerator not work with half barrel miller lite?
It depends on what kind of half barrel it’s in. Some half barrels are rubberized/oversized which makes them wider around the center and those will not fit. Standard half barrels will fit. I would recommend contacting your local distributor to find out what kind of kegs they use for their Miller Lite.

Will it hold a 1/6 and 1/4 keg at the same time
No.  Will hold two 1/6 but not slim 1/4 and 1/6 together.

We would require this to be flush against the wall – is it possible to mount the CO2 tank to one of the sides, or does it have to go on the back?
I don’t think it’d be a problem only issue is that the pressure supply line may have to be lengthened.

How does the tower attach to the top of the unit?  Are there 4 screws or does it twist into place?
Light duty bolts and they tend to come loose, it takes a while but yeah they do have to be tightened. It does make it a snap to move if needed though.

Does this hold the standard normal keg? I drink keystone 1/2 kegs and im not quite sure what they mean by Does NOT support use of Coors, Miller rubber
This kegerator holds a typical standard 1/2 keg.  Half kegs of Coors and Miller have rubber around the keg that makes the keg wider.  If the Keystone keg is strictly a metal keg, it will certainly hold this type of beer.

EdgeStar KC2000 Full Size Kegerator and Keg Beer Cooler Price: $439.00

Can this be stored in the garage. Florida temps around low of 40 degree in winter and high around 85 in summer?
These units are not designed for outdoor use. Using them in a non climate controlled area will negate any warranty given by the manufacturer.

Where to fill co2 tank
It goes on the outside of it. On the back.

Will this accommodate A Guinness keg / with the nitrogen and the Guinness System
It will accommodate it, the C02 tank is a screw on, so you just need to swap out tanks and regulators..

My EdgeStar has worked well since it was purchased however; it frequently makes a large “banging” sound. My wife is afraid the CO2 tank is going to explode. Has anyone else experienced this noise? It startles you when it happens.
Mine does the same thing.  It “Pops” loudly every once in a while.  The Pop is loud enough, when the room is empty and otherwise quite, it startles me.  However, it’s done that from the very beginning and nothing has blown up yet, so I think we’re okay.  I think it’s just a result of expansion and contraction during the defrosting cycle. You can tell your wife it’s not the bottle.  I’ll update my review if mine ever blows up.

Does anyone know if this will fit Labatt, Molsen or Leinenkugel kegs? Thank you!
It is my understanding that any keg will fit into this Kegerator as long as it doesn’t have a rubberized lining to it.  I would ask a distributor if these three beers have standard 1/2 kegs, because a standard keg will fit.

EdgeStar KC2000 Full Size Kegerator and Keg Beer Cooler Price: $439.00

Can i use this in a connercial bar?
Yeah I guess you could mine works great you would want 2-3 of them if your gonna have more them on kind of beer on tap

It does not support any size of Miller keg? or just the Miller oversized kegs
all fit but the short fat rubber keg

How long does it take to cool down the keg to have the beer close to freezing?
It will vary by a few things.  Size of keg and settings are the big ones.  I have mine set at 5 and the 1/6th barrel of Sam Adams was cold (about 36 degrees) in a couple hours.  But it will vary based on the barrel temp to start and size.  My half barrel of Spaten was already chilled for me when I got it, so it was near ready to drink in an hour.

Can you put the CO2 tank inside the kegerator or does it have to be mounted on the back?
It is mounted in the back.  If you had a quarter keg you probably would be able to fit it inside, but with a a half keg there is absolutely no room.

How many sixtels will this fit?
it says 3 but not to sure about it havent tried. The other thing im having a problem with is the coupler, its not the best quality and it leaks beer from the the keg even though its been coupled properly. you may need to buy another coupler.

Can I use Budwiser kegs?

Is it possible to convert this kegerator to a two (2) tap handle kegerator later on if I want to pour two beers?
Yes. Just have to buy the dual tap head.

how wide is this
External Dimensions (with draft tower): Height: 48 1/2″  Width: 20 1/10″  Depth: 24 13/16″

Is the tap handle interchangeable
yes, it just screws on and off, dont know what thread size they are tho

What else do i need if i have a 5 gallon corny keg ball lock?
The only other thing you will need is a ball lock conversion kit which you can find separately.

If it’s seldom used, how long before something might go bad?
It is my understanding that with proper CO2 beer can last for some time.  I wouldn’t want to be drinking beer that hasn’t been used over a period of a month.  If one isn’t using it a lot purchase a five gallon pony to avoid problems.

EdgeStar KC2000 Full Size Kegerator and Keg Beer Cooler Price: $439.00

Can this kegerator hold 2 Cornelius kegs to operate as a soda fountain?
I don’t know the answer to your question but I’d recommend contacting Compact Appliance’s customer service through www.compactappliance.com.  I had some questions when we received our kegerator and they were very thorough and quick to respond.

Is there space enough to chill a couple of mugs?
Yes! We have a sixtel in ours so there is plenty of room. I’d say you’d be able to fit 5-6 pint glasses if you only had a sixtel in your kegerator.

can I use pony kegs?
Yes full 1/2 kegs and pony kegs,  1/4 fit in this kegerator

Will the 5lb CO2 tank fit inside with a full 1/2 barrel?
Maybe.  It depends on how willing you were to wedge it in there.  Regardless.  I’d advise against itz. There is a provided bracket that mounts to the back for the tank.

Does the temperature easily adjust? I need it to hold it at 50-55 degrees is there a setting for that?
dunno yet… bought it as gift for my son and he hasn’t assembled it yet… try the website it should have specs.

Will this fit a full size leinenkugels keg? We’re wanting summer shandy all summer.
To be honest, I don’t know what a leinenkugels keg is… if it is a standard 15.5 gallon keg it will (barely). In fact, on all of the 15.5 gallon kegs, I had to either tape the door shut or in one case, make a tape seal around the door because the door would not close.

Curious about the spill reservoir. What is the depth? Does it move to an overflow? Is the spill reservoir easy to clean?
It’s very easy to clean, this is the only one thing negative I can say about this kegerator, it is very small, it’s about 1/4 Inch deep!

does it need to be defrosted
My unit has an ice buildup on the back wall after a few months of service. I think the answer is yes.

I want to buy this as a gift. Does it come in discrete packaging, or is it written on the box somewhere what it is?
It is clearly indicated what it is .

EdgeStar KC2000 Full Size Kegerator and Keg Beer Cooler Price: $439.00

Does it come with directions
Run for your life!

Can you fit a killians keg ?
It will fit and standard metal keg up to 1/2 barrel size.  It does not fit rubber 1/2 barrel kegs due to the thicker leg walls.  I don’t believe there would be an issue with a Killians keg.

Is there room in this kegerator for a tower cooling fan if you are using a full size keg?
Yes. I have a PC fan in mine and it works very well with a true half barrel.

Will this fit 2 1/6 BBL kegs?
1/2 barrel fits perfectly standing up. No extra room.  I don’t know the dimensions of 1/6 barrel.

can you swap a perlick faucet on without replacing shank?
Some are and some aren’t. Depends on the valve!

Sometimes beer come out and sometimes nothing comes out?? What do you do for to much foam?
Bleed your CO line and turn down the gas if it continues.

Can I put a regular bar type tap handle on this, in place of the small black one? Coors or Bud for example?
Absolutely you can.  However, let me warn you that once you start switching out tap handles you will immediately get the urge to constantly add to your collection.  You’ll begin searching for unusual tap handles on eBay.  You’ll begin asking tavern managers if they have any old tap handles in the back room.  Your friends and family will start giving you tap handles for your birthday, Christmas, and father’s day.  I’m not saying to leave things alone.  I’m simply telling you that you’d better find room on the wall to display your unique and unusual collection.  Hahaha.  Enjoy!

Will this fit a keg of Stella?
The biggest it will fit is a 15.5 gallon Half Keg. If Stella comes in that…then yes.