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How tall is the interior space?



how much does it add to the utility bill each month?

Insignificant utility cost increase compared to the benefit of the ice cold beer it delivers.


What type of warranty does it come with?

1 year – no exceptions – ours broke right after the warranty expired


I want to switch the light bulb out. What type of bulb comes with the fridge?

the light bulb is still incandescent, not LED.


does it fit under a counter

Yes, I believe it can as the feet are adjustable.  I have really enjoyed mine.


can i put it under a cabinet?

We had a custom cabinet built and it works great….except for the noise.  If u put it in a cabinet make sure u have ventilation for the heat to escape.


Which dimension is the height and which is the depth?

It is 19.8 deep x 17.9 wide x 33.7 inches high.


Is the outside of the unit supposed to get hot?

In other reviews, most stated it goes away after a few days when the unit cools down. Mine never had that issue, or at least I never noticed.


are the shelves adustable?



Can this unit be used as an undercounter refrigerator?  is the blower in the back?

Yes, I currently use mine under the counter works great and is quiet.


Will this beverage cooler work under a counter?

yes. make sure there is enough air flow.


Does this get cold enough for beer? I normally like my beer around 33-34 degrees and this says it only gets down to 43 degrees.

Works great for beer, this is my husband’s beer fridge and he actually had to turn it down from the first setting because a couple in the back froze.  He loves cold beer and loves this fridge.


I bought one of these but the sides are getting very hot concerned it could be defective?

anyone else had any problems

This item needs good ventilation. I installed lovers at floor level when I built it in into the cabinet


Will it store a Costco case of an average sized water bottle upright?



What are the interior dimensions?

The interior is probably about an inch small than the exterior. I filled it up with a 24 pack of coronas, two 6 packs of bottled beer(about the size of a soda can) and a small keg on the bottom. I removed the bottom shelving to make room for the keg. It gets the job done. Soe of the reviews stated it does not make the bevergaes “ice cold”. However, the beverages are chilled just right to enjoy. It was definitely a good purchase.


interior dimensions

15″ deep, 15″ wide and 29 1/2″ tall


Anyone know how to get the light to come of only when door is open. I’ve flipped switch it’s either on all Thebes’s time or off all the time

If the unit has an LED light, the light can only be on all the time or off all the time. the units with LED light has no switch controlled by the door.


What are the inside dimensions of the fridge? Is it big enough to hold a 9×13 brownie pan?

I measured 13″x14″ so a brownie pan should fit.


Is it loud?

No, this is a pretty quiet fridge.  You can hear it kick on but its not loud and doesn’t run for very long.


Does this have a built in lock? Does it come with a key? Where is the lock located? Thanks

Lock is located at the center of the bottom of the door and it does have a key.


Is anybody using this to store 22oz beer bottles?  If so, how many can it hold? Or can anyone provide the exact inside dimensions?

You would have to lay them down. Beer bottles don’t stand very well on the wire racks. The beverage center is inside  approx 15 inches deep, 29 height ,15 wide. Mine works great for the temperature for ales


Is it safe for the storage of food?

Yes, it is safe for food!


My Haier beverage fridge built up a lot of frost in a short amount of time. How is the frost buildup with this one?

I haven’t had any frost build up yet.  Maybe just a little condensation is all but nothing that I would call significant.


can the door hinges be swapped to the left side?



Is this large enough to hold a beer keg with the shelves removed ?

A very small one.  There are ones advertised for beer kegs.  This one isn’t.


can you fit wine bottles?

Hello, the shelves for the unit are removable, so you can add any kind of contents to it.


what is the lowest temperature you can set on this refrigerator?

I don’t know the actual temp, but we have our set just above the “coldest” setting and our drinks get ice in them.  Midrange settings work best.


Can this unit be used to hold cold food, like a refrigerator?

I have mine filled with soda, at highest setting it keeps soda at 34 degrees…I’m sure you can back down on the setting to store your food at a nice cool 40 degrees…I’ve owned mine for over 2 years now…problem free…Good luck!


Can this unit be kept on top of a carpet or rug?

Yes. We have had in basement on carpet for almost year now. Love it. However doe not get extremely cold like regular fridge


Can this be put on caster wheels?

I would think it could be if you wanted.  We love our unit!!


what are the exterior dimensions. Is that 19.8 wide?

It is 17 1/2 inches wide


One owner says 14″ deep internally, one says 18″ deep.  Which one is correct?

19.75 X 17 14/16 X 33.68 inches exterior. Not sure the exact dimensions interior but it is 3.3 cu ft. Hope that helps. Check out our deal at Dealz4Everyone!


Would it be possible to remove all the racks and store a large bottle of wine (6L)? That’s 21″ high.

yes shelves are adjustable

Lowest temp this can get? I want to store frozen food occasionally.

My refrigerator isnt like the pictured Item. Mine dosent have so called freezer section ,which won’t store frozen food very long.


how many half gallons of milk will it hold?

Hello Peter, due to the temperature range of this beverage center we do not recommend to store milk or perishables in it.  If you have further questions we would love to assist you personally.  Please feel free to contact us at 1800-263-2629 or via email at consumerservice@danby.com


is there a lock?

Yes, and that’s a great feature.


can the light be removed

Yes the actual light bulb can be removed- but the fixture that holds it can not. The space under that fixture holds a can or small water bottle.


Is the refrigerator quiet?

Yes it is very quiet. My only problem so far is going through lightbulbs – I’ve put in 3 since i bought it.


So if I was to put a cardboard base for a cake on a shelf could you please tell me the inside minimum clearances and measurements.

Sorry Arita, I don’t have the exact measurements for one of the shelves.  It’s not very deep, but you can remove shelves to adjust for height.  Check the specs on the unit from the owners manual online.  I believe that is available on Amazon.


Can it be housed in an unheated garage in Western NY?



Do I have the option to have inside light stay on when door is closed?



How long does it last before it breaks?

We’ve had ours for over a year without any problems.


Does it have LED “blue” lighting?

Hello Debra, yes, this unit has a blue LED light.


I’ve seen super quiet stated. Is it quieter than those  “dorm room fridges” that everyone had in college10 years ago and more like a standard fridge?

I haven’t heard this Danby running at all.  It’s in my garage.  I’m sure I could hear it if I stopped to listen, but it doesn’t make any noticeable sounds.


can this be used outdoors

Hello Jennifer Naselli, this model is meant to be used indoors only.  The change of the environment temperature may damage the internal mechanism of the beverage center.


Does it have a lock?

It essentially uses an alan wrench (key) to turn a latch to lock it.  But anyone with a tool set could unlock it.


I just plugged in this mini fridge, and the sides got really hot pretty fast, l have it in its own space away from the wall. Is this normal?

Mine is pretty warm.


Is this fridge loud? I want to place it in my room, but my other minifridge can get quite noisy which makes it difficult to sleep at times.

It doesn’t keep me awake. It would depend on how light YOU sleep. This frig does seem to run a lot.


What is the inside shelf dimensions ? Will a 16″ long soda dispenser fit inside on the shelf ?

Hello, the shelf dimensions are: 15″ wide by 13.5″ deep.


is it noisey



Why would this system include batteries? does it have a remote control?

No batteries needed; it plugs into wall. No remote either.


How do I adjust the thermostat to reach 37 degrees?

It does not go that low.


what type of refrigerant does the unit use?

I do not know.  But the unit only lasted 1 year and quit working.


Where is the light switch located to leave it on when the door is closed?

If you open the door there is a button on the left middle. It is on the ‘ceiling’ of the unit.


I believe I’ve read the ans. to this question already,however need to confirm . Can it hold btle beer instead of cans. My husband prefers bottle beer

Yeah, if you adjust the shelves


How many shelves are there? Written description states 3, picture shows 4.

There are a total of 3 shelves, the bottom one is just for extra storage, doesn’t count as a shelf.


How wide and tall of this pruduct

Hello, this model is 17 1/2″ wide and 32 11/16″ tall.


Interior light illuminates compartment when door is closed?

Yes but it doesn’t get cold anymore


Can i change the temperature setting?

yes in the back there’s a knob to adjust temperature


Can it be used outside?

I don’t believe it’s constructed to withstand rain or snow


will this refrigerator keep milk and cream cold like a regular refrigerator?

Yes it shouldn’t be a problem.


Thinking of installing this next to a wall. How much space (gap) will i need from fridge to wall for the door to open at a 90 degree angle?

Youll only need about an inch


which way does the door open?

opens on the left side meaning the hinges are on your right


How does it work can you plug it in like a charger?

It’s a beverage cooler, you plug it into an electrical outlet. 110 volt.


Besides can sodas can I put wine bottles? Also is their any LED lights around inside of it? Thank you

No. No.


Why did the price go up from 195 to 250?

Manufactures raise the price as the stock goes lower and  demands higher.


Is this quiet enough for a bedroom?

This fridge does make a decent amount of noise – I would not consider it a quiet fridge.  In full disclosure, I have this fridge under a counter sitting on a wood floor in a room with all wood floors – so I’m sure the sound is amplified a bit.


Can I use this as a normal fridge for food?

Probably. It won’t freeze food but it will keep it cold, under 41 degrees.


Photo #2 shows LED interior lighting. What’s the story?? Anyone know?

Light comes on when you open the door. Great of an late night never.


can I use it outdors?  I live in Miami Florida

Yes if its in a covered place like an out door patio cook center.


Are the sides magnetic?  i wanted to buy my husband an nfl fridge for his beer, but they’re too pricey.  i want to add panthers magnets to this one…

Yes they are, even tested it for you.


Can the light on the inside be turned off?

Yes, the interior light can be turned off. There is a light switch inside the unit.


Do wine bottles fit?

Yes…<br>They fit nicely.


Why is the description a DBS120LS, but the manufacturer reference is a DBS128LS??? The measurements are definitely not the same.

Not sure why that is, but I wouldn’t waste your time with this.  It DOES not get nearly cold enough!  Everything I want to drink goes into my freezer for about ten minutes so it’s cold enough to drink.  It’s a big disappointment and I would return it if it weren’t such a hassle!!!


Anyone have this set up for 16oz craft cans?  I’m looking for something that can handle all 16oz cans.  Pictures would be fantastic.

I guess you take out a rack but we just have 12 ounces set up.


Are the shelves adjustable?  What’s the spacing on the wires?  I plan on using mine to hold 12 oz bottles.  Will they stand?

Yes, they are adjustable. The wires are about 24″. And will hold your bottles. Just know the problem I had, the 1st one did not close, the door was warped, they did send another and the compressor did not work. My husband built one out of the two.


is it quiet

I’m surprised someone would say this is so loud they had to move it out of the house.  We keep ours in the basement where we frequently watch TV and hang out and I have never noticed the sound from it – it’s very quiet and a really nice beverage center.  There are a number of model options on the Amazon page – I’m talking about the 120 bottle beverage center with the glass front door.  Very nice quality, I love it.


How many 16 oz beers can I fit in this?

My daughter can fit about 14 bottles of beer on the shelf if laid on their sides.


Can it be stored out on porch

I would not use it outdoors.


what is the size of this machine ?

3.3 cu ft.


Is it normal for the sides  to get really  hot I just got this item is this normal  or should  I get a replacement  ? Plz answer

I haven’t noticed that happening with my unit. You may want to discontinue use until you’ve checked with the manufacturer.


we would keep unit in kitchen/living room area—-is it quiet enough or too noisy for that area and better suited for basement or garage ?  Thanks

It is pretty quiet.  Our is in a hallway outside our bedroom door.


How is this for chilling wine?

Love it.   It gets nice a cold.   I use it in my business.   We serve water. And wine.  And it’s works very well.  ..


Bought one of the from Amazon on July 18, 2014 and it broke today. Does anyone what the warranty period is?

I think 90 days


Can you change the color of the lighting?

As far as I can tell, no.


Is this a compressor based fridge or a thermoelectric fridge?

I believe it is compressor based given the operating sounds, shape and general rapid responding.


Need something for small bottled water for my store. Will this work?

I never ordered this.


Does anyone know how to go about ordering a replacement door? Ours was broken by our child.

Hello, I am sorry to hear your door is broken.  To order replacement parts you can contact us directly at 1800-263-2629, or you can contact our distributors at 1800-496-6049 or 1800-432-8542.


i want to place this cooler at my store so that i can sell cold drink, do you think that would work ?

Needs to be elevated for circulation of the motor – my store carpeting got extremely hot very quickly.  I read that<br>someone placed it on tiles; I used 4 bricks (under the feet) and it’s perfect.


Which way to turn screw? I have read clockwise and counter clockwise. Is it the screw on top or on the side because they both have films

Well, if you have a thermometer it’s simple trial and error.  Adjust one way, wait.   Mine worked when turning counter clockwise, but after loading the fridge it took some adjusting again to get it in the desired range.  I suggest having the dial in the middle of it’s range of travel when making your initial adjustment.  That way you can turn the knob either way later for the fine tuning.   The calibration screw does not have a film, whatever you mean by film.  On my unit when looking at it from the rear, the screw (brass on mine) is on the left hand side.  It is right next to a round hole in the case and if you look into this hole, you will see a spring.  It’s the tension on this spring that you are adjusting.  I can’t add a photo here, or I would…maybe I can add it to my review.


Is the light still supposed to turn on when I open the door? Has this feature changed? The ceiling switch in mine strictly turns the light on or off.

With mine, it can be on, off or on when the door opens.


I had a question regarding adding LED lighting strips to the interior as i have seen from another users photos.  Has anyone done this?

I have not, there is “blue” light located inside on the top. It has the option to turn on when the door opens or to stay on at all times. Mine turns on when the door is open but the more loaded the fridge, the less useful the light is.


Does this refrigerator hold bottles of beer or just cans?

It does both but due to the wire shelving it can be difficult to have them sit upright.  I find it easier to lay them on their side and stack them.


can it be used outdoor?

Hello Glenny, this unit is meant to be used indoors only.


Does the unit also have a 12 month warranty. ie: Like Walmart?

Hi Brian,<br>Yes it does have the 12 month warranty.  I surprised my husband with this for his shop.  He is very happy with it and great for nice cold beverages.


Does this have a lock?

Hello Kenese, the unit does come with a lock.


why do the sides get so hot on the unit?

Not sure but I have felt that as well. My first one died after a ffew weeks.


Will this hold 16.9 oz water bottles nicely? If so about how many would fit? Thanks! I am looking for a cooler to hold water bottles only.

yes, it will the bottom level standing straight up..and the other shelves laying down


How much does the unit weigh?

Description says 68.9 lbs. I expect that’s shipping weight so probably a couple of pounds less unpacked.


What lightbulb is it?

It comes with a 15W nightlight bulb with an E12 socket.  It should be able to accommodate a bulb up to 2″ in length.  I am replacing mine with an LED to save a little power.


does the glass fog up or drip with condensation if outside on a covered porch

Mine is kept indoors.  It does fog up slightly at times, but generally not.


Thinking of buying.. If your review was positive, are you still happy with this beverage fridge?

We got ours about 6 months ago and I’m still quite pleased with it. We keep it in our garage (man cave) and it’s worked perfectly since day one!


Can it fit beer bottles ok?

The shelves slide out easily.  You can take out multiple shelves if needed.  It’s really nice.


Does this unit have Energy Star certification?



How long does it take to get drinks cold when filled to capacity?

It took about the same time as a full size frig.  We immediately filled up and had cold drinks in about two hours.


I have had this item for almost 10 months and it’s leaking water! what can i do? can i return it? i don’t have the packaging it came in to do that.

I return mine twice cause it’s garbage but if you don’t have the stuff to send it back you may want to check the little water catcher in the back of it where is the water coming out?


Does this item have a drip pan?

Hello, this unit does come with a drip tray.


How cold does it get?

Just as cold as a normal frig


is this fridge loud at all? I want to put it in my bar but dont want it to be to loud were that’s all you here

It’s not the quietest fridge ever, I have it under my bar as well and it’s not bad enough that I would tell someone not to buy it.  It is loud enough that when it runs I notice it’s there.  Works great though.


light doesn’t come up when door is open… why?

I have my light always on but the instructional manual mentioned that it can be triggered by the door.  Do you still have product book?


I make my own Kombucha Tea which I store in long neck beer bottle sized bottles. How many long neck bottles would it hold?

Im not sure about bottles. We use it to chill small cans of soda and bottles of juice for post-op patients. The 8-12 oz bottles of juice do not have a long neck. The shelf racks are movable though, so you could even remove them to stand taller bottles up.


Can someone answer what type/size of light bulb is needed to replace the original? I can’t find it ANYWHERE online.

Was having the same problem, but just bought a 7 watt night light bulb and it fits fine.  It’s a little dimmer than the 15 watt it came with, but lights enough to see everything.


The operating instructions mention about leveling legs, but I only see one leveling leg, am I missing something, should there be two?

I really don’t remember now. It may have been just one. Sorry.


can you use an extension cord



What are measurements?

I did not get this…I purchased the refrigerator!


how wide is it?

17 and 7/8 inches wide


how cold does it get?

Very cold, it has a compressor


How cold does the unit get? Does it maintain a steady temperature when full?

I haven’t run it completely full yet, it is about 2/3 full and temps seem consistent so far


Can it keep yogurt and vegetables cold enough?



What type of led light would fit this fridge?  Just bought one and hope it works good!!

This fridge come with a built-in light.  The manual does not specify if the light is LED.


Will it hold glass bottle beers just the same?

Yes, it will hold glass bottles on the bottom shelf.


can you fit wine bottles

If you remove a shelf or two you canstand it up. Layig it down though probably not but im not sure if all bottles are the same size, you can probably fit the smaller ones laying down.


Does this have alarm if door is left open?



has anyone placed this fridge in their unheated/non-airconditioned garage? have the winter/summer temps affected operation?

I haven’t seen any posting for that condition for this fridge.  I have a full size fridge in my garage and I live in the state of Texas it does fine.  Guess it would depend on what state  you live in.


What is the length of the cord ?

Three feet long at bottom rear of the fridge.


What is the dimension on this under counter refrigerator….is it 24 inches wide? And how deep?

Hello, the dimensions for this model are:  Width: 17  8/16″, Height: 32 11/16″ and Depth: 20  1/16″


Can you lock the door

No you can’t


Can this refrigerator be used in my unairconditioned garage? I live in Texas and the summers can get extremely hot.

Yes but occasionally it will make a noise for it to stay at the temp you want it to be at


How much does this weight?

Hello YELLO Purchases, this model weights 63.14 pounds and with the shipping box included it is 74.69 pounds.


Why cant you install this under the counter?

I’m not sure why you couldn’t other than there would probably need to be enough room for it to have proper ventilation.


I am making a coffee bar in my new house. Would this mini fridge hold and be ok with milk and creamers? Also a table the fridge will go in.

Hello, this unit is not cool enough for dairy products. We recommend you a mini refrigerator.  You can see our designs on the following site:  https://www.danby.com/product-categories/compact-refrigerators/


How do I get an extended warranty?

Usually, they allow you to add the item to your cart with a warranty. It should just be there (on the right hand side if you are checking out on a computer).


Does this work as a liquer fridge. Adjusting the shelves?



can it be placed onto a countertop?  any suggestions on how to secure it to countertop?

It’s a fairly heavy unit, so that depends on the countertop.  Better to go underneath.


Can the unit operat outside in 95 degree temp?

I would so not likely. Inside our workshop it only keeps beverages at 40º.


How do you replace the light in the fridge?

what do you mean its a bulb take the blue lens off and replace the bulb, the only question I have is how do you get it turn off when you close the door and turn on when you open the door that would be the ultimate


what are the measurements of the top and sides if we wanted to decal with our corporate logo and product images?

Hello there, the 2 sides are 16” x 31” while the top of the unit is 17” x 16″ .


Does the bottom of the fridge go all the way to the back like the other rows, or is it only partial in order to fit the compressor?

It’s partial for the compressors.   I can fit about four of my flavored vodkas there.  It’s a great fridge for the price.


Does anyone know off-hand how many amps this refridgearator pulls? i didn’t see anything listed in the user guide…

Hello, this unit pulls 1.7 Amps


Is the light supposed to come on automatically when the door opens? Mine won’t light up that way, just if I flip the always on switch.

Yes. It has 2 options: permanently on, and only when door is open. The switch can be tricky to operate due to the plastic covering.


hold wine?

No sorry


does it only have a blue light or is that optional?

just blue, but I don’t use the light


What kind of led lights can I put in this fridge?

Bud lite, coors lite…etc…


How many 22oz bottles will this hold, upright and/or laying down?  I’m looking at fridge to store my ageable, limited release microbrews.

Hey Scott, assuming the bottles are approximately 10 inches in height and 3 inches in diameter, approximately 40 bottles upright.


Can it be built in

Hello,<br>Its better to have it freestanding the sides need to breath so it doesn’t overheat.


Can this product be left outside?

Hello Julie, this product is not meant to be left outside as the internal mechanism may get damaged due to the difference in temperature.  Also, water and sunlight will affect the performance of the beverage center.


how does it perform outside?

Fantastic! Best one I have owned!


What are the internal dimensions of the 3.5 Cu ft unit?

It don’t keep beverages cold !


Is this too tall to fit uner a desk?

Yes. I would think so.


Does the manual say you cannot store perishable food in this ‘beverage cooler’?

We keep perishable food in ours but have had a few issues. I would say short term like a day or two would be OK but you might have an issue if you use this as a primary storage device for perishables. In other words it would work for temporary extra food storage space like for a cookout or dinner but you run an increased spollage risk exceeding a day or two.


Does anyone use this to store liquor?

I use it for beer and it doesn’t get out as cold as I would like.


What is the total amount of cans can this fridge hold??

120 cans.  It is a great fridge.  Looks nice and keeps them ice cold.  I keep it on medium because the coldest setting freezes them.


approx how many cans of beer does this hold?

87…. 12 oz. cans


Can you fit wine bottles laid on their sides in it?

Yes, they can fit sideways or lengthwise. It is a great little cooler!


What is the distance between the back of the fridge and the front feet? (Not the depth of the entire fridge)

From the front of the foot, it is 18″ to the end of the most distant protrustion, which is the temp. controller box.


What does the protection plan cover ?

Hello Yenariz, the unit comes with 12 months warranty covering In-Home service (parts and labor).


does it have a lock



Does this unit have a fan for circulation?

Yes, there is about a two or three inch fan in the upper back to circulate the air. The more full the fridge is, the less circulation there is.


shelves adjustable?

Yes, the shelves are adjustable. There are three (3) wire shelves and eight (8) different slots in the refrigerator where you can position the shelves.


Can you put food in there

Suppose you could but dont count on it for long storage,  i returned mine after a week of use because it just didnt get cold enough, mid to upper 40’s F. And I only used for beer and soda. <br>Personally, I would’t get this.


cans cooled well enough?

The cans are cool, not cold. It is working fine for soda and water. I like my beer cold, so I don’t use the cooler for beer.


Does it hold wine bottles?

Yes but they take up a lot of the room.  If you want to put a couple in, no problem.  If you want to store primarily wine then go with one made for wine.  I have put three in and could put more in but it isn’t an efficient use for more because of the space they take up.


Has anyone tried removing the “Danby” sticker from the glass?  Did it come off cleanly?

Yes.  I started at a corner and it pulled off easily.  If you don’t start the pull correctly you can be in a mess but this one wasn’t bad.


can i move the shelves to hold taller 16oz enerfy drink cans

Yes you can.  However, the wire shelves can be a bit of a challenge for the cans to not fall over themselves when they are placed upright.  For the most part its fine, you just need to be careful especially with the larger cans.


My unit is about 6 months old and will only go down to 50 degrees on the coldest setting.  Ideas?

Hello Windrifter, we are sorry to hear your beverage center is not cold enough, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience in order to assist you personally at 1800-263-2629 or via email at consumerservice@danby.com


will this hold two level of upright wine bottles?  In other words, the bottom shelf then a middle shelf with bottles stacked on top of that.



should this refrigerator leak?

Mine doesn’t leak so far.


how big is it?

The exact dimensions are in the specs section. I have it in my bar and I can safely hold a case of beer cans and approx a case of Bottles.


I have read some small Danby fridges have very large temp. variations (up to 20 deg. F) through out them. Is the temp consistent in this product.

I’ve had mine 3 months works great everything us cold.


I got mine a week ago and I have this weird smell on my fridge, like a plastic-ish type. Is it normal?

I would suggest very strongly that you inplug the unit and ask for a replacement.  Plastic does not give off an odor unless heat is applied!  You may have a defective unit!


can it be used outdoor

No, see other message. Unless maybe if you have an enclosed gazebo or porch.


Will it fit a 2L bottle of soda

Hello, indeed, this unit can fit a 2L bottle of soda, please note the shelves are removable and adjustable.


Is this fridge loud/noisy?

Leveling, not enough adjustments.


Anyone have a problem with shutting the door? My fridge door gets hung up on the bottom where the latch would lock

We have to double check to make sure v the door is closed,everytime we open it.


I’m getting temps as high as 57 and as low as 45 Both sides are very hot. I have the dial set to max. Can this cool below 40?

Yes.  Ensure you have adequate room for ventilation on all sides and that the door is properly sealed on all sides when closed.  Otherwise, I suggest calling Danby.


does this get hot?

Yes, it does on the sides


does this lock

Yes. It comes with a set of keys to lock it.


Do you have to defrost it

No you don’t have to defrost it. I would not recommend this mini fridge. I’ve had it over a month and it really doesn’t get the drinks cold even at the highest cold setting since it is designed for wine as well it doesn’t get that cold.


Can this be left on continuously?

Yes. I’ve had it on for about a month now with no problems.


Can this refrigerator be sotred outside?

No idea– contact the company directly.


Can this cooler be usrx in a resturant

Hello, this model is recommended to be used in home only.


Can this be a kegerator

Any right sized refrigerator or soda/beer dispensing machine can be modified to be a kegerator and while the outside dimensions may seem fitting for such purpose the inside is less expansive given the way it is designed for shelving to support cans (and bottles by removing one or two shelves).


Are the corners of the stainless steel trim on the door sharp?  w/ 2 kids I don’t want to go to urgent care if they bonk their head on the corner.

Very sharp corners


does it hold wine bottles

The door holds three bottles of wine upright and any of the shelves will accommodate as many horizontally as will fit across.


Where is the temprature control located?

it is in the center at the very top of the refrigerator


What is the difference between the the danby dbc120bls and the other model sold here on amazon danby dwc93blsdb? they seem very similar.

They are probably very similar in their cooling properties. The biggest difference I can see is the height of the shelves. Ones is made for laying wine bottles down and the other for standing cans up. The dbc120bls is the one I have. We use it outside during long campouts and have never had a problem with it. We stock it in the morning. Drink it all day and all night and stays cold the entire time. Ours is used strictly for beer and we’ve only had it this past summer. Expect it to last quite awhile and seems to be built well. That’s about all I can tell you about it. Hope that helps. Depends on what you want to use it for.


Can this be used as outdoor fridge?

I wouldn’t recommend it. First off, ours died after 6 months of use. Secondly, it never got very cool at all, so if the ‘outdoors’ is warm, your drinks will be warm too! I would spend the money on a good quality fridge that will keep your drinks cool! (I’m bitter that I spent $200 on a fridge that lasted 6 months.)


How is the noise level on this unit?

You can’t tell it’s running when it is.


Can this cooler be used to store salads such as potato and macaroni are the shovels flat or scooped to fit cans



Does anybody have it outside

I had mine inside my cave before i returned it yesterday. It looks bad ass with the Blue light inside but it didn’t get the beers cold enough for my taste. If your not worried about that then it’s a nice Lil Fridge.


Is this suitable for outdoors?

Mine is in my classroom, but I guess it would be fine outside. Personally, I would not put an appliance outside, but I would put one in our heated back porch.


Can the light be any brighter?

Our light is already very bright. Not sure why you would want it to be brighter than it already is!


How many 22oz/750ml beer bottles can fit on the bottom shelf, standing upright?

The shelves are high enough for cans to stand up, not tall enough for bottles.  We can squeeze 16 bottles of water laying down. I love this beverage center, it saves a lot of room in my refrigerator.  Best purchase!


Is the door suppose to be leaning down away from the hinge side. It looks like it is not level? Maybe something I missed but it looks odd.

I did not get that refridgerator, but I would think it was supposed to level.


I have used this for 364 days.  We love it but yesterday it stopped creating cold air.  fan is running but not sure if it can be repaired, any ideas?

I have had trouble with Danby products and service. I personally would not buy another Danby product


Will this work outside on a patio (covered) with outside temps between 85-95 degF?

Don’t know had to send back because would not maintain constant temp


Anybody know where I can find a cover for these? I want to keep it outside

This is not rated for outdoor use. You would need to keep it dry. The cover you would need would be a roof and side walls.


What are the dimensions of this unit?

Hello, the dimensions for this model are: Width: 17  8/16″, Height: 32 11/16″, Depth: 20  1/16″.


what kind of plug does it have 3 prong or what because we need one for are dorm room

Traditional 3 prong.  All good into normal plug in receptacle.


Outdoor OK?

Don’t buy this, the door wont stay closed.


Can a 24 pack of bottled water fit without unpacking the bottles?



Will this mini-fridge allow you to put large OJ, tea and cranberry juice as well as some colas in it?

Yes……until it breaks.


I’m thinking of getting this for someone as a gift. Could it hold a gallon of juice or two and a few glass bottles of pop or beer? Thank you!

Yes, easily! Fully stocked I have mine with 45 cans, 2 things of juice, 15 bottles of beer and a couple bottles of wine.


Can you place the under the kitchen cabinet or is it a free standing unit? Does it have to have clearance for ventilation?

Mine is under a cabinet. It’s not a tight fit or anything, there’s plenty of room but it doesn’t get hot or anything. Seems fine there.


Has anybody fixed or modified the thermostat so that the fridge gets to proper (cold) temperature?

Not yet sadly. We spoke to the company and they feel 45 degrees is functioning as designed even tho a refrigerator is set around 34.


Can this be a build in?

The company recommends 5 in space around the cooler for ventilation.  It does get warm but I don’t think it would be a fail if you vented around it a little.


Can it be placed under a counter to replace an ice maker.  All the built-in models are too narrow or too wide.  The dimensions on this one is perfect

It can be but make sure that there is enough room for air circulation in the back where the fan is.


I’ve owned this bvg ctr since 1/2016, cools just fine, but now the interior won’t stay off! Anybody else having this issue?