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How to Find the Right Assisted Living Facility

What Is Assisted Living? There are around 35,000 Assisted Living Communities licensed and operating in the US today. These communities range widely in size, price and amenities and are all fiercely competing for your business. The real challenge is finding the one that suits your needs, life­style, and pocketbook. Servicing several parishes across the state, …

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How to Buy The Right Long Term Care Insurance

What Is Long Term Care? By definition, Long Term Care (LTC) is the type of custodial care needed when it’s agreed upon by you, your doctor and the insurance company that you need assistance with any two of the activities of daily living (ADL’s) or have a significant cognitive impairment. My mom takes supplements for her …

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101 Study Secrets

Studying is more about motivation than memorization.   The vast majority of students never actually learn the joy of studying. They spend years and years of their life trying to make the grade but that should have nothing to do with studying. In school, studying is all about learning what other people want you to …

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