Casio LK280 Lighted Key Premium Keyboard Pack with Headphones, Power Supply, and Stand FAQ

Casio LK280 Lighted Key Premium Keyboard Pack with Headphones, Power Supply, and Stand Price: $219.95


Does it have full-sized keys?

Yes, it does.


If i use the iphone 7 lightning audio jack adapter will midi work okay?

There is no midi connection. It will only connect to an iPad. The Casio app will only download to an iPad. It connects to the iPad through a male to male headphone cable.


In regards to the touch response feature – does this mean that the note/sound will play harder if the keys are pressed harder/quicker?

Yes that is correct. There is no after-touch meaning that AFTER the key is played you can’t add vibrato or pitch bend by pressing harder.


Does it have a weighted keys

No, just the usual synth spring-loaded keys.


Can I hook this up to the PC and us mid files?

According to this product description is says it can, but I have not done it or used it in that manner. I brought the keyboard as a gift for my granddaughter:   The LK175 features an Aux input for connecting your MP3 player or other devices allowing you to enjoy the stereo speaker system in multiple ways. In addition, the USB MIDI port is ready for computers and even iOS devices without the need for drivers.

Casio LK280 Lighted Key Premium Keyboard Pack with Headphones, Power Supply, and Stand Price: $219.95


I know nothing about piano/keyboard but do i need sustain pedal? i understand they’re seperate but do i need one? is it a requirement? thank you..

A sustain pedal lets notes keep playing after you take your fingers off the keys.  It is not totally necessary, especially if you are just beginning. Eventually, you will come to songs and exercises where they expect you to have a pedal. At that time, you can decide whether you are interested/serious enough to get one.


does it come with casio songbook?

Yes, it did


Does the “Stand-Alone Keyboard” option come with a power cord?



Does it play canon or moonlight?

it does play Canon. short version though. not sure about moonlight.


Does this have the option to make “drum” sounds with the keys? Kind of like you’re playing the drum on the keyboard?

Yes it does.


does this come with instructional CD?


Casio LK280 Lighted Key Premium Keyboard Pack with Headphones, Power Supply, and Stand Price: $219.95


Are the light up keys a gimmick or do they really help you learn?

My daughter states or really helps her learn


How would you compare the lk280 to the yamaha ez220?

Very similar tones and playability.


Does the screen light up blue? I ask because it’s easier to see.



Can you insert a USB

My daughters said no


Can you download  music and learn it on this?

Do you mean download a music file and load it into the instrument? I don’t know, to be quite honest.


Are there additional songs that can be purchased and downloaded later?

As far as I know, no new songs are available. Consult Casio support to make sure.


Does the keyboard only package come with the AC adapter or not? One purchaser said he did not receive the adapter.

I received an adapter.


Can someone tell me where to plug in headphones?

My headphones came with the adapter.


Does it teach me to play my own songs ?

HI, It has a sampling function, 150 rhythms, 110 song bank and song book. a USB portal so you can download or upload your songs, and a metronome feature. It is really a snazzy unit.  Hope this helps, Thanks, for your inquiry, J.


does this teach how to read musical notes?

No it doesn’t. If you purchase the stick on notes that you place on the keys, this may help.  I also returned my keyboard for an 81 key, keyboard. Very happy with this.


Does the lk-280 have indian rhythms? if yes, then which rhythms does it have?

using indian rhythms as a name no, if there are other names i don’t know.  didn’t specifically look for them


can you ship to the country Kazakhstan, Astana city?

Unfortunately, we are unable to ship any of our Amazon orders outside of the United States.


Can you ship to Uzbekistan?



Does is have Harmonium Setting?

According to the description, it surely does.  Thanks for your inquiry.  J.


Can you turn off the light up feature?


Casio LK280 Lighted Key Premium Keyboard Pack with Headphones, Power Supply, and Stand Price: $219.95


Is there a battery option or plug only?

Yes there is a both. Battery and plug in.  The only thing it is a little hard to navigate with how to make it work.  So for me it is a lot of reading.  But the piano portion is the only thing I am interesting in playin


does it have a power cord



Does this include an AC Adaptor?  The product description says it does, but the ‘Frequently Bought Together’ section recomends a separate purchase

A power adapter is included, but you’ll need to purchase a USB A to B cable (male to male) if you plan to connect it to a computer.


For beginners, can the the background instruments be silenced to just hear the piano?

Yes, the instrument can also be used for playing like a normal piano.


Can you turn the lighted keys feature on and off when desired?

Yes you can


Does it have midi output

It outputs via a USB cable rather than a MIDI port.


Are they full sized keys?



Are the keys fill-sized? (regular piano)

yes,  excellant learning machine


Can an MP 3 player be hooked in ?

No, not in any way I’m aware of.


Can you play and record a song and have it light up, so you can teach others to play by ear? I would like to use this to teach my daughter to play.

Unfortunately, no. That would be a nice feature to have though.

Casio LK280 Lighted Key Premium Keyboard Pack with Headphones, Power Supply, and Stand Price: $219.95


Are the flashing keys annoying?

The flashing keys are awesome.  In fact, they are kind of the best part of this keyboard.


Can you connect with iPad mini

Don’t know but if you find out you can please let me know. Other tha n that it is a good beginning lever keyboard


Can you add more songs to the piano?

I think you can through access to a pc.


Can voice be recorded and played back? can i connect a mic for karaoke? can i play it silently by plugging headphones?

I do know that you can plug in headphones because it comes with a set and we have done it.  I don’t know the other answers.


are the demo songs children songs ?

The demo songs are a wide mix from children’s song to holiday classics all the way to popular classical tunes.


Any suggestions on how i can get the keyboard to not slide all over the stand!!???

get velcro and wrap around stand handles


Does the “personal keyboard” come with a power plug?



Does a microphone come with the keyboard?

No.. but headphones do


Hi, is this piano color white as advertised on the picture? If not then i rather get the black one and save around $60.00 more.

the one i have is light silvery grey- like aluminum so if you can 60 $ you should do it.


Can I plug a sustain pedal into this keyboard?

Yes, but you should be sure to use Casio brand, because their power system is different than other brands.


Will it come in a factory sealed Casio box if I buy a new one?

yes, it did…


can you use headphones

Yes you can use headphones


Can we plug a microphone into this keyboard?

Yes you can its a great by


Where are the speakers? They’re not obvious in its picture like in many other models.

top on right and left sides in the corners


Has anyone found a compatible stand that connects to this and holds an iPad or iPad mini?


Casio LK280 Lighted Key Premium Keyboard Pack with Headphones, Power Supply, and Stand Price: $219.95


Are the keys sensitive to touch? (Is the sound quieter when pressed gentler)

The keys are more sensitive to the touch than our baby grand. Which is why we purchased it. We learned to play piano on it. It has a very mellow sound, not as loud as our Baby Grand.


What is the major difference between this and LK-175?

Biggest LK-265 has touch response keys, so it will respond dynamically to how quickly you play the keys like a real piano. The LK-175 does have a built-in mic which is fun for sampling but the LK-265 has Dance Music Mode which is a much more compelling feature. The drums, bassline and synth patterns which you can “remix” are excellent.


what songs are with it

there are too many to list here, but you can see the list at the Casio website in the instruction manual on page E-68 <br>


Does it have a built in microphone ?

No I didn’t see it listed on the box


Does this keyboard come with speakers?  Cant find anything in the specs?

It does not come with external speakers, but it has internal speakers build in it that will let you play programed music or if you desire to listen to the tone/ keys you press. Hope this helps.


is it compatible with ios

The keyboard itself has no Bluetooth connectivity. You can use many of the apps that are designed for teaching piano, however this piano will not interact directly with the iOS device. Any songs that you want to add must be added by an SD card, which is detailed in the instruction manual as well as in many online tutorials.

<br>If you meant to ask if the headphones would work with iOS then as long as you have a headphone jack you can.


Ordering the lk280 bundle for a christmas gift from santa for our 7 year old.  will the packaging give it away or is it shipped in a plain brown box?

Ours was shipped in an Amazon brown box


am i able to hook this up to something else for additional songs that will light up?

I am not sure of the loghted keys. I know you can hook up to other songs via the Internet.


What color are the lights? Can you change color

The key lights are red. You cannot change the color but you can turn these lights off.


Are the keys weighted?

No.. but they control by pression the long sound  of the note .. or the volume  of the note


Are the light-up keys optional?

Unfortunately no


Can you turn off the lights on the keyboard?



Can you load other songs into this?

I wish that was an option, but no.

Casio LK280 Lighted Key Premium Keyboard Pack with Headphones, Power Supply, and Stand Price: $219.95


Hola! Does it record & play back and can it be connected to computer?

Yes u can record and play back. I am not sure tho about connecting it to a computer but that’s a great question.


is there a stand to hook on it to hold music?



Can you add light up key songs?

I don’t know it was a gift


Could we be able tto download anime openings to play?

If you have midi files (you can find a lot online pretty easy if you search the name online with midi) you can as long as you have an SD card to write them to. Tutorials can be found online and it’s written in the manual as well.


Does this have a microphone input?

I believe it does


does it come with the midi connecter?



Are the keys full-size?

Yes, they are full size.


is the Casio LK-175 PPK different from the Casio LK-175, both lightedd 61-key

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the PPK stands for “Premium Pack” the keyboards are both exactly the same (the LK-175 model) but the “PPK” comes with the stand and headphones.


Can you connect it to an ipad

Yes you can connect to an Ipad or pc. You must have the camera attachment to connect to an Ipad 1st generation. I am not an expert on later versions.


will i sound like mac demarco?

You will sound like a clown, because this is a keyboard made by clowns for clowns.


Does it comes with a stand?

Mine did.


can you hook up a xw-p1 to it<br>The short answer is yes you can, but I’ve not personally tried.


Does it come with the head?

I don’t know what head you’re referring too?  It does come with a headset to play by yourself if you desire.


can it be played using both hands?

Yes, of course. it is not any difference than a real piano.


Can I just sit at it and play It like I would a normal grand piano, like no keys lights, prompts or background music

Yes you can.  They can be turned off.


Can you add your own songs to the piano, so it can teach them to you?

Don’t think so, there’s a song bank to choose from, songs like twinkle twinkle lil star to mozart. Got for my grandsons who are 6, they love it!


Does it include the stand?

Naw, no stand but it is awesome.


Hi i am from Germany does this product come with support 230 v power adapter?

It only comes with a 110v adapter in the box.


Does it supposed to come with an SD card or I need to get one?

You need to purchase the sd card separately. However, you can use the keyboard without an sd card. I have never actually used that feature. You can find out more about how to use the sd card with this keyboard on Youtube.


does it come with a sustain pedal?



If you press two+ keys at the same time will they both make a sound like a normal piano?


Casio LK280 Lighted Key Premium Keyboard Pack with Headphones, Power Supply, and Stand Price: $219.95


What are some songs that are included with the keyboard?  Can I add/download songs to its library?

This keyboard has 88 prerecorded songs. Like  Twinkle Twinkle or Amazing Grace. Unfortunately, you can’t download songs to this keyboard.


How visible is the screen for finger position, easy to see? size of screen?

The screen is visible, about 6″x3″ but the hands are tiny.  It is possible to have fingering done verbally and, of course the keys light up as well. I have been playing piano for so long that I didn’t even pay attention to the hands until this question was posed.


Does it come with a keyboard stand?

It does NOT come with a stand but is a great keyboard