beyerdynamic T1

beyerdynamic T1 2nd Generation Audiophile Stereo Headphones with Dynamic Semi-Open Design (Silver) Price: $798.84

I am curious as to which amps t1 (2) owners are using?  beyerdynamic a20 looks wonderful but is fiio e12 strong enough for 600 ohms?

The T1(2nd. Gen.) are going to sound much better when matched with the A20 amp!<br>The cost differential between the A20 and the Fiio is substantial; however, I found that the A20 has plenty of power to effectively drive these relatively hard to drive phones.


Will there be Usb-C built in, in the future?

There could be one with a built in DAC in the future. For current versions, Beyerdynamic has a separate portable DAC called ‘Impacto Essential’ that is specifically designed for the T1 and T5p. This DAC comes with three different USB connection options that includes type-C