Beoplay H9 FAQ

B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9 Wireless Over-Ear Headphone with Active Noise Cancelling, Bluetooth 4.2 (Black) Price: $459.36

I currently have the b&w p7 wireless and they sound amazing. are these as loud as the p7 wireless?

I have both the b&w p7 wireless and the b&o h9.  You’ve pointed out the biggest shortfall of the h9-they are not nearly as loud as the p7 in wireless mode.  Using an iPhone 6s, I often have the volume turned all the way up on the h9 (and wished i could still turn it up another couple of notches), while I’d only have the volume turned up 1/2 to 2/3 on the p7 for the same song.  When wired, the volume on the h9 is louder, but that defeats the purpose of the wireless headphones.  Sound-wise, I prefer the h9 due to the fuller bass, which suits my taste better than the p7, and can be adjusted with the app.  Also, I find the h9 to be more comfortable.


Does it come with a case?

Hi, it comes with a carrying pouch. Thanks!


What’s the difference between the H9 and H7?

H9 has noise cancellation. h7 does not


Are these comfortable for using long time?

Yes very comfortable


I currently have the h9 pair. but i notice a huge improvement in sound quality when turning off anc. did anyone experience this, too?

I have not had this issue. Make sure they are sealed against your head, or sound from the phones may leak to the microphone that feeds the ANC function, and they may partially cancel their own sound.


Are the ear pads replaceable?

Yes.  Half a turn counter clockwise to remove.