Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler Questions Answered

Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler - Model EWC1201 Price: $139.00

What color is the interior light?



Can I use this for beer and not wine?

I guess you could…but not sure how many bottles you could fit in there comfortably. You should probably get a mini fridge that would work better for beer.


Does it plug into a regular socket?  No need to have a new circuit for it?

Plugs into a regular wall socket


Is it pretty quiet?

Yes. I never even notice it except for the temperature light. I really like this product.  BETH


Can this be used on its side or laying on its back, for a top loading scenario.

I don’t think it could.


Does this have LED lighting, from the looks of the pics it does, however the description doesn’t state it..

The LED internal illumination stays on for about 30 seconds, once you:<br>1. Hold down two buttons to unlock the display<br>2. Press the LED button


can I use this wine cooler outside on my lanai? We live in Florida.

It’s hot in Florida just as it is here in Texas.

<br>Unless your lanai is air-conditioned,

<br> I don’t think it will hold the desired temperature.

Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler - Model EWC1201 Price: $139.00

How tall is this cooler?

Approximately 3 ft.


does is hold champagne bottles?

Generally, no.  You’d have to remove the interior wire supports for that to work.


Can you keep this unit inside a built in cabinet or must it be free standing and on the counter?

I don’t see why you couldn’t.  Just make sure the measurements are correct and there’s space on each side and in the back so the unit will not overheat.  I have mine as a free standing unit, I love it!


has anybody had their unit “lock up” and not be able to unlock from the front touch pad?

Not yet!


Does cooler have inside light?

Yes. Although my cooler light works sporadically. I often have to unplug and then reconnect the cooler to get the light to work again.


What voltage does the cooler use? 220v?

I believe its 120volt. It’s just plugged into a regular outlet in my home.

Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler - Model EWC1201 Price: $139.00

What is the interior width?

7 inches


It will work for 220v voltage?

Don’t know


Can you control the humidity?



Do you have to reset the control panel everyrtime you want to use the internal light?



How cold does this get?

The lowest is 48 f  this is a great wine cooler. I love it!!!

Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler - Model EWC1201 Price: $139.00

Does this fit on top of the counter?

I suppose it could. I installed in in a a lower cabinet of a wetbar.


I enjoy my wine chilled not at 50 to 60 degrees.  How low does the wine get in Thermoelectric fridges?

46 degrees is the lowest. not cold enough for me, I like mine in the fridge but my friends/relatives love the cooler.


how many 1.5 liter bottles will it take?

none – 750ml only – it’s unique feature is to store opened bottles in an upright position.


Anyone ever use this for cigars?

The traditional storage enclosure for cigars, a humidor, maintains a fairly high humidity level within its enclosure. A refrigerator or cooler, on the other hand, removes humidity from its enclosure. So while I haven’t tried it, I suspect this wine cooler would make a suboptimal storage enclosure for cigars.


How i can change the temperature

hold the Up and Down temperature buttons at the same time until you hear a beep. Then adjust the temperature up or down with the appropriate button


Can someone tell me what these dimentions are ie lx w x h as these are not labled

It is 24 inches high, 18 inches deep and 10 inches wide.  And it works great.  Highly recommend!


Hi, Can I use it as a regular refrigerator?

I would not recommend it

Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler - Model EWC1201 Price: $139.00

can this hold a chardonnay/pinot noir bottle?

Yes it can.


I,ve had mine for a year and all of a sudden it stopped working is there anything we can do to get it working again?

You got 11 months more than me! Very poor design and manufacturing. Amazon needs to take this item off its catalogue.


Will this fit on top of a mini fridge that is 20.2 in depth?

I don’t think so, it’s pretty long.


I’ve seen some people think it is very noisy and some say it is average to other coolers. What has your experience been with the noise level?

Mine sits on a wood floor in my dining room. I don’t ever notice it making any noise at all. It was barely noticeable when I first started it but since it reaches the set temperature and I put wine in it I have not heard it. It maintains a very even temperature. I have my room at 72 to 75 degrees and the cooler set at 62.


Hi, i have recently installed my wine cooler, but i am not being able to use the touch screen. it is locked in white wine, 54f. how can i change that?

Hold the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ simultaneously until it beeps. The use the + and – to adjust he temp.


Can all 12 bottles be stored laying down or do some have to stand up?

8 laying down, 4 standing.  I love this wine cooler!!!


I would have this in a living room/kitchen area.  Is is very noisy?

No this very quiet! Better than the Vinotemp coolers by far and at a much better price!


are the internal lights LED?

Yes.  The Avanti has interior LED lights.


Both my brothers had a wine cooler that was Thermoelectric and the died in less than a year.  Just how long can I expect it to last?

One of my friends has had this cooler for 3 years now. The interior lights quit a few months into it but she didn’t care and still loves it (I think she could just replace the bulb but I don’t know). Got my Mom one last year for Christmas and she loves it. Everything still works on her’s including the interior light.

Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler - Model EWC1201 Price: $139.00

does it control humidity?

Not that I can see


Hello, what energy voltage does it need? thanks!

It just plugs in  to a regular outlet 110 I guess that is


What is the temp range, could this be converted to a wineador?

We keep ours at 54, and that’s for Red and White wines.


Could you tell me where the country of origin is? Is it made in China?

Yes. There is a made in China sticker on the back


Mine stopped chilling. Anyone fixed theirs?

Unplug it for a few seconds, then plug it back in. Should turn back on.. Sounds basic, but worked for me. Cheers


when do you expect this back in stock

September 10, 2014


Can the door be hinged on the other side?

No. The door came broken also


Do this model have a Blue light inside ???

No it does not


The voltage in our building is 220 V, do we need a special converter?

The cooler runs on 120V so I am sure you would have to reduce the voltage to use it.


how much does it weigh?

27 pounds


What is the distance between the front and rear feet on this unit? I will be placing the cooler on a small cart with limited depth (16 inches).

The center of the feet from front to back is 14″ total outside dimension of the feet is 15 1/2″

Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler - Model EWC1201 Price: $139.00

What is the manufacturers warranty?

One year warranty


Can the unit lay down horizontally to accommodate the inside dimensions of my cabinet?

No. The rack wouldn’t work like that.


why if the unit is listed “IN STOCK” is it taking 2 weeks to fill? Not accurate description.

This unit ships directly from Avanti their processing time for orders are 3-5 business days. With transit depending how far you are from there location may take up to 5 days in transit.


Can this go on a carpeted floor?

Yes, but unless you are height challenged, you will find it more beneficial to it higher, like a counter-top.


Will this cooler accommodate a standard Pinot Noir or Rhone-type bottle standing up?  How wide is the standing space?

It will hold it I love my frig sometimes you have to be careful where the fan is.


Would a box of wine be able to sit in the up right section. I know. Yuck but my husband loves his boxed wine.

Hello, Thank you for contacting<br>remov the lower rack which opens up the bottom for larger bottles and could allow a box.

Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler - Model EWC1201 Price: $139.00

Will this hold liquor bottles?

I keep a couple of 750ml bottles of liquor in it on top, and champagne bottles in it as well. But as someone else had stated it’s meant to cool so it won’t be as cold as say putting a bottle of vodka in a freezer.