Apogee MiC 96k Professional Quality Microphone FAQ

Apogee MiC 96k Professional Quality Microphone for iPad, iPhone, and Mac Price: $229.00

Does the microphone stand adapter come with this ?

Yes, it does.


Will this work to record audio while simultaneously recording video on an iPhone 5s?

Although I have not personally tried it, the Apogee website specifically advertizes the MiC as a useful tool to capture high quality audio when recording either audio or video from an iphone or ipad.  I can see no reason why it would not.


What is the international shipping fee? Such as Taiwan?

Shipping to Taiwan is approximately $40 USD.


Where would MIC 96k be positioned in relation to a drum kit to record optimal balance of the components of the drum kit, cymbals, kick, snare, hi-hat?

If it’s the only mic you’re using, probably back in the room, about 8-10 feet away. Make sure you’re compressing the hell out of the signal… I’ve never tried this on drums but wouldn’t be surprised if it’s too sensitive and is prone to distortion. I haven’t seen a USB mic that can handle a drum kit. A better drum/general purpose  mic is the Rode stereo mic… The Rode iXy is great too. But the Apogee is the best sounding USB mic I’ve ever used by far for vocals.


Would this mic work for recording podcasts in a small office? Or is a dynamic mic better?

It depends on how you would podcast it because this mic is especially designed for GarageBand. If that’s not a problem than have at it! It would be even better in your small office since it would pick up the sound that much better. I hope this helps!


Is this microphone primarily for MACS and other newer generation iPads and iPhones, or will it work just as well on a windows based PC or Laptop?

It has a USB plugin so im sure it will record on a PC as long as the PC has a USB


Will this mic work for interviewing 2 elderly people sitting down?  How close does the mic have to be in order to hear both of them clearly.  What about 3 people, me being the interviewer?

If all the people will be on front of the mic, it will work great. This mic records from one direction only, if you’ll be interviewing from the back of it, that might be a problem.


Does this mic charge the iPad while in use? If not, is there a way to charge the iPad and use the mic simultaneously?



can you use a regular mic stand for this microphone?

I did not try for doing dat bcos Iam using dis mic for naration and it is perfect …


Can i use this with my pc? would i just have to get some other type of cord?

There is an included Apogee to usb cable that can be connected to a PC. I haven’t connected it to a Windows computer myself, but I heard from a friend that it can be done with a little work. Sorry, that’s the best I can tell you.