Alesis VI61 FAQ

Alesis VI61 | Advanced 61-Key USB MIDI Keyboard & Drum Pad Controller (16 Pads / 16 Knobs / 48 Buttons) Price: $279.00

how do the keys “feel” compared to an actuall piano key? i have found that alot of lower priced keyboards hav a spongey kinda feel.

These keys are semi weighted. This means that when you press down on them they have light to moderate resistance when pressed and will return less springy than a cheaper synth. Think between a regular piano and a cheap synth and that’s the feel you get.


This only has a midi out connector and no midi in connector. As a newbie, am i missing something?



What’s in the box?

Just the midi controller, cd and instruction manual. You’ll get a key to download more software after you register.


When are these going to be available?  They have been “out of stock” for a long time.  As far as I know they aren’t available at all in North America.

Both Guitar Center and Musicians Friend have a date of Sept 19th.


does it plug into ac

Yes, it does plug into AC. If you decide to use it with hardware other than computer, you should probably connect it to AC too. But as I other guy said it is not working standalone you need either computer or other hardware to produce sounds.


does this work with garageband