Akai Professional MPK225 FAQ

Akai Professional MPK225 | 25-Key USB MIDI Keyboard & Drum Pad Controller with LCD Screen (8 Pads / 8 Knobs), VIP Software Download Included Price: $249.00

It’s compatible with Mac right?

Definitely is…i have an imac and i use it for logic as well as reason…an excellent controller…


does this work with fl studio 12

Yes, I use it daily


Does it work well with pro tools



Does this have a port for speakers or headphones?

No speaker or headphone out.


Whats the major difference between this model and the original 49???

This model has has light up pads and overall more responsive triggers. The pads can be mapped to light up however you want as well. This model is built better and the keys feel much better as well. Overall build is better and the functions work more smoothly.


Does this work with cubase artist 8 and will it be compactible with windows 8 or more

i use it with ableton.  The version that i use doesn’t support touch.  i don’t know about cubase.


Does it come with 2 midi cables?

yes, it does come with 2 midi cables.


Can I plug headphones into this unit and make beats with it by itself or plug in a mic to sample drums?

No. This is a midi controller. I doesn’t work as a standalone sampler.


Based upon all of the responses, this is still unclear: does this come with 2 midi cables as well as a usb cable?

No, I didn’t get any midi cables with mine, only usb. BUt midi cables are dirt cheap, just grab a couple if you think you’ll need them. Im telling you—for no reason go with another controller! Mine is the center of my studio and live rig and I use it for hours a day. A flexible, easy, and durable piece of gear. I use it for cubase, ableton, and I mapped a preset for my sequential circuits six trak, and another preset for my waldorf pulse 2 synth.


whats the difference between this model and the other model with the 12 drum pads? and which one would you prefer?

this one bc it is more compact and just as good


Is there any latency using this with a USB on PC? I seem to be getting a bit of that with my UMC404HD & not sure if its my audio interface or this.

they are 2 different things—one is the recording rate and the other is the buffer amount in your soundcard that determines latency. there is rarely a need to record in higher depth that 48khz/24 bit. higher (96 hz/192, etc) only for movie soundtrack/ film score use in most cases.


Can the mpk225 record and assign samples from records, cd’s and wav files to the drum pads. new at this not many videos showing 225 features.

Not on its own. It’s a controller for computer software, both recording and DJing.


Does this come with ableton live lite?

Yes, it does

Akai Professional MPK225 | 25-Key USB MIDI Keyboard & Drum Pad Controller with LCD Screen (8 Pads / 8 Knobs), VIP Software Download Included Price: $249.00

Does this work with speakers as well or computer only?

This is a Controller which works to access sounds either on your computer ob via MIDI.  For instance if you have LOGIC 10, any Sound Programs (or any studio software) as studio software on your computer this Keyboard will Control your sounds.


does this work with logic pro x as well as fl studio 12

With Logic Pro X You can plug it in and it’s ready to go! I assume the same for FL as I don’t believe Akai builds specifically for Apple/Logic software


Does it have to be plugged in directly to the computer or if you use a power chord with it, will it work with a usb splitter hub?

I use mine with a USB splitter usb hub. I use the Amazon 7 input POWERED usb hub. It is awesome, and cheap, and works well for my Bass station 2, Pulse 2, mouse, MPK261, and 2nd midi controller! No issues! for real, the 261 is an amazing piece of gear to invest in. Ive had so many midi controllers, and this one is hands down the best for me. Great feel, build well, and easy to use. I control software plugins, my DAW Cubase, and multiple hardware synths simultaneously with it..


Is it spill proof

AKAI support here! The MPK261 is not rated to be waterproof or spillproof. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me directly at mvieira@inmusicbrands.com.


Are these full size keys?  Compared to a piano?

AKAI support here! The keys on the MPK225 are full sized, making it comfortable for a piano player to use this product. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me directly at mvieira@inmusicbrands.com.


Does this work with main stage and does it have a midi

I never use it with main stage but it has MIDI. This probably works with mainstage as it works with many different software. However this may not come mapped already for mainstage so you may need to do some manual work here mapping it. It is a great controller by the way.


Does this keyboard have individually lighted keys to show key mappings?

AKAI support here! The keys do not light up to show the key mappings, but standard mapping to your DAW is the default where C5 is the center of the keyboard. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me directly at mvieira@inmusicbrands.com.


How can i use this with a usb mic at the same time if there both usb?


<br>The keys aren’t micro keys you might find on some synths.

<br>They are full size.  They aren’t weighted though and could feel a little nicer but they certainly still do the job well.


Is there a preset for studio one?

AKAI support here! There is a Studio One preset on the MPK249, as well as a full setup guide for Studio One on the akaipro.com website. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me directly at mvieira@inmusicbrands.com.


Does this have octave up and down?

Yes, it does. It is located near the screen on the keyboard.


Any lag after programming some effects into your daw, and then outputted to your monitors? I want to do some live casual playing with this as well

First, I want to let you know that you are embarking on a glorious adventure with your idea. Any question you ask of the MPK261, the answer will be “YES! I can!” Second, Lag depends on a handful of factors. Your computer, your audio interface and your software. Settings are another set of factors. Your audio settings should have a buffer size no larger than 512. A latency of .12 ms will work fine. You don’t need .04 ms latency or zero latency unless you are triggering a hardware synth simultaneously with a VST synth using a piano (or the like) patch on both. Scenario 1:Macbook Pro i5 cpu spinning hard drive (non SSD) and 8gb ram using the headphone out running Logic with a 512 buffer size, with an e-piano with an effect chain chorus>delay, you are probably okay. Stacking delay and reverb is tricky and resource hungry especially when you drop a multiband compressor/limiter on it. Whew! That’s the long answer saying, “No lag depending on a few factors.” Use an ASIO driver on your computer. If you are using a PC, get ASIO4ALL and use it.<br>A solid setup with no lag would be MacBook Pro – 16gb RAM – 500gb SSD (or 240) – Running Mainstage (Vst Player) through a Scarlet Audio Interface with 256 buffer (Use the Scarlet ASIO Driver). Or<br>A Laptop Running Windows 10 with 16gb RAM – 500gb SSD (or 240) – Running Cantabile (VST Player, get the free version to test it) through a Scarlet Audio Interface with a 256 buffer size setting in you audio interface driver.<br>I use my MPK261 to simultaneously launch Ableton Scenes for backing tracks, while playing racks of instruments and effects through Cantibile Performer through one interface (it’s a tricky setup), and have done so for a few years. No lag. I have a hardware synth (Yamaha Motif XF8) just in case anything crashes (which has not happened in the past 6 years since I started using VST for live gigs).<br>All other keyboardists with whom I have shared the stage use MacBooks. I am the exception with a PC Laptop. Your idea matches your screen name. “Limitless!”<br>Sorry for the length.


Does it work with NI Massive?

Hi Trevor,<br>AKAI support here! The MPK2 series will work perfectly with Massive. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me directly at mvieira@inmusicbrands.com.


Does this work with FL Studio?

Yea it does! One of the preset comparabilities.


Does this come with Abelton Live Lite?

Yes, it does. If you scroll down past sponsored ads, there is additional information about what’s included.


Can it be connected to an Ipad? What other devices do I need? Thanks.

Yes.  You need to get the “Apple Camera Connection Kit” for either the lightning connector or the older 30-pin connector, depending on your iPad (or iPhone).  Then it works VERY well with GarageBand on iPad/iPhone5/6.  Even some of the dials are pre-assigned for use as pitch/volume/tone adjust for some instruments.  Just one word of advice, don’t get cheap and try to buy some of the counterfeit cables from China.  I’ve tried and they don’t work 9 times out of 10…sigh.  Much as I hate paying Apple $30 for a stupid cable that should work with their USB connection, you just have to.  Enjoy!


Does it record or store a sound

No. This is a midi only keyboard. It sends signals that control many different parameters as well as play notes on a digital instrument within your DAW (digital audio workstation–musical software on your computer) or other midi compliant devices. It generates no sound itself.


Does this keyboard have its own sound without connected in PC or Sound module?

No, It is a midi controller.


I’m not a keyboard player. Do I need the 61 key, or should I just get the 49 or even the 25 key model?

The 49 key is the perfect balance between size and usability I would opt for that. You can always use the transpose controls to shift the scale of the keyboards up and down as desired.


What is the difference between the regular usb cable provided and the midi in/out to usb cables that can be purchased??

Hi Lance,<br>The regular USB cable provided allows the MPK249 to connect more easily to a computer, and it provides both MIDI connectivity and power (no power supply needed with this cable). With a MIDI IN/OUT cable, you would need a power supply cable, and these cables are more intended with using the MPK249 with external sound modules rather than with a computer, which is more common with this keyboard. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me directly at mvieira@inmusicbrands.com.


Does it work like a faderport?

Similar in that its a MIDI controller but has more capabilities.

Akai Professional MPK225 | 25-Key USB MIDI Keyboard & Drum Pad Controller with LCD Screen (8 Pads / 8 Knobs), VIP Software Download Included Price: $249.00

Is there software bundled with this? I don’t see any information here on what might be bundled with it.

Yes, it comes bundled with Ableton Live Lite, honestly it’s a nice little bundle that you can do a lot of stuff with. You would eventually want to look at another DAW like Reaper or something but it’s good enough for novice-intermediate.


Does anyone have problems using this with Mixcraft 7?  Or Windows 10?

Hi Tyler,<br>AKAI support here! This keyboard is class compliant, meaning it will be recognized by Windows 10 right away. Also, Mixcraft should recognize the MPK2 series keyboards just fine.<br>If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me directly at mvieira@inmusicbrands.com.


I have a mac and garage band.  does this work or do I have to buy new software.

I use this with my Mac and GarageBand all the time. You will have to map the pads and knobs and faders in order to get them to work, but the keyboard will work fine. You can also purchase a really cheap Apple software called main stage if you want to use is for live performance, main stage allows for a little more customization.


can this be used with Reaktor 5?

Yes, and so can any other midi controller. ANY midi controller.


Can the encoders and/or sliders be put into banks?

Yes. Up to 30 I believe.


What is the difference between this and the mpk25?

it is the newer version


How are the keys?  i have the akai mpk mini and kind of hate the springy keyboard.

I have owned both genereations of the MPK series. The drum pads on the first generation (MPK25/49/61) are not very responsive to lighter touch and the keyboard has quite a bit of resistance. That said. the MPK225/49/61 (second generation) has solved this problem. I find the action on the keyboard to be superior ( I have an MPK 261), and the drum pads are significantly better, as well as, more diverse. The MPK261 (same as an MPK225, just more keys, twice as many pads and it has sliders, but same keybed and drumpad hardware) is the best controller I have ever owned. I have owned Novation, Alesis (No way, don’t even. Utter garbage!), line 6 mobilekeys, keystation32, MPK25, Axiom25, LPD8, Fatar, and more. If you can spill the extra bucks, you would be really happy with an MPK249 ($150 more though).


Can you use this with an mpc studio and inside the mpc studio software

I’m using it in pair with an mpc2500, so far it’s been great. I haven’t used the studio yet, but if I’m not mistaken the studio is a newer modified version of the traditional mpc. As the software goes I use ableton suite, and everything’s been great. I hope this helps.


Bought the mpk225, akai mpc essentials install procedure doen’t work on latest windows 10 fall creators os v1709. fails to run. is it a bug or what?

AKAI support here! This is a very recent update by Windows, but we’d love to troubleshoot this with you. Please feel free to call or email us using the contact information on akaipro.com/support.


Do i need a victsing usb in-out midi cable converter pc to music keyboard adapter cord to use it

AKAI support here! The MPK225 comes with a USB cable that will allow both power and MIDI to pass through the keyboard and your computer. Any extra cables are not necessary. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me directly at mvieira@inmusicbrands.com.


Would this or the akai advance be better to use with fl studio? Can they both be used with fl studio?

They both can


Will the faders work with Pro Tools mixer GUI?

Yes, but a HUI connection isn’t nearly as accurate (controlling your DAW faders) as ethernet, with, say, an Avid Artist Mix… Bottom line, its a MIDI controller with transport controls. If you want a DAW controller then buy one. The faders are best used on Virtual Instruments, in my humblest opinion. But the overall controller is FANTASTIC. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Does this keyboard have built-in speakers?

No!!! It is not a toy!!! It does not have a sound bank either. It works in correspondents with studio recording software.


What power supply do it with this since it doesn’t come with one. Also can I use just any sustain pedal?

The unit is usb powered so it doesn’t need power supply but a standard 6v will power it. Also any 1/4 inch jack sustain pedal should work. Thank you.


Does this work with a apple laptop

Yes this device works via the USB ports which is available on all Mac laptops.  The cable is also included.


Is there a case that can be purchased that fits the MPK261 well?

Yes there are cases that’ll fit.


I have it connected to my komplete audio 6 and i can’t get any sound in mpc although i can see the keys lighting up in mpc. how do i fix it?

AKAI support here! If you can see the keys lighting up in the MPC software, this means that it is reading your keyboard. In the MPC software, you want to be sure that the correct audio output is selected in the options menu. For example, if you have speakers connected to your Komplete Audio 6, make sure this interface is your output device. Also, you want to be sure that a plugin is loaded into the software so that the keyboard is triggering a sound. If you have any other questions, we would love to help so please feel free to email me directly at mvieira@inmusicbrands.com.


It comes with a microphone input?

no, this is a midi controller.


Does it come with any sort of case?



What makes the mpk 261 better or different from the mpk249 besides having more keys?

pretty sure that is the only difference


Can it work on fl studio producer edition because i have the keyboard and usb hookup but not the software? if not how can i get the software?

It works with everything.

Akai Professional MPK225 | 25-Key USB MIDI Keyboard & Drum Pad Controller with LCD Screen (8 Pads / 8 Knobs), VIP Software Download Included Price: $249.00

Does any one know how to sync the mpk225 with studio one artist the timing is always off when i record.

Hi, that would have to do with settings inside your DAW, usually the QUANTIZE settings. Otherwise, if it sounds “delayed”…like the sounds are coming a split second after you press a key, it is a LATENCY issue…which is an issue with your soundcard or audio driver. I highly recommend downloading and installing ASIO 4 ALL. It is a free and solid driver for PC’s.